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Saab 9-5 will not be difficult to use on electric vehicles made by the owner of the brand name NEVS, meaning stronghold of Saab cars “Last stay on alive was extinguished


went a chance to name difficult used in cars, after the mother NEVS company (national Sweden electric vehicles) in addition to agreed not to use the brand name.

which final confirmation follows years the uncertainty over Saab’s future. which comes NEVS agreement not to use the Saab name on any brand new car after the abolition of Saab AB, which can be today mainly focused on the aviation industry, the brand of NEVS name.

was difficult AB parent company for Saab cars until 1990, when which sold permission for GM.

According to a statement issued by NEVS, the decision was made not to use the Saab name on the next electric vehicles to give the brand NEVS more recognition, yet Reclamation Saab AB’s. through the brand name can be difficult undoubtedly a factor within the decision

NEVS has been produced by a little number of cars under the Saab name: most notably was 9-3 in 2014. NEVS ownership of Saab cars since August 2012, just three months after to establish itself in Sweden, the company registered. The acquisition of Saab follows the various rumors in addition to takeover offers through both Spyker Cars in addition to Koenigsegg – both of which failed.

can be controlled

NEVS today by China in addition to the majority of the Swedish Shareholders’ Kai Johan Jiang, which the company describes as a “bio-fuel industry leader.” NEVS plans to serve the needs of the Chinese market at the beginning, before catering to the markets of various other global car later.

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Source: Saab can be officially no more

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