Rusty cars: why they're not a thing of the past

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Source : Rusty cars: why they're not a thing of the past

Rust headlight If you think rusty cars are a thing of the past, think again. John Evans, investigating the special rust reports eats from the bodywork of modern cars


rust: I did Lancia Beta along with they deposited several cars to the tomb early

Today, alleged car makers you’ve got the idea under control with better treatments pre-production, along with more use of aluminum, plastic along with composite materials, along with design more intelligent, however nonetheless, the idea seems to have not been completely deny the idea.

in 2013, of the 27,285,855 class 4 vehicles failed (cars along with light vehicles up to 3000kg) had a MOT test 0.1393721, or 5.11%, on issues corrosionrelated any of the components, the component carriers or the auto itself structure. With such numbers, the idea’s not surprising people have a point of view about the rust. due to in which story, I posted my own experience of owning a rusty Vauxhall Zafira Forum Pistonheads. Also the idea sparked a wave of anecdotes along with observations (see below) rustrelated.

recently in Autocar, sharing the story of James Robert reader Nick Williams has 2008 registered Honda Accord 2.4 cars, which was sunroof rust. Thankfully, replacing the Honda car sunroof without equivocation.

However, just as the rust incorporates a habit of proliferation, along with so did Robert’s confirmation, in his report, in which although car makers producing great strides from the fight against the tin worm, has never completely gone away. Evidence to support his complaint reached the offices Autocar almost immediately. Ft Michael Ward, an independent motor engineer based in Bradford, who spends his days doing exams before you buy the auto for customers or for people in disputes with sellers, along with the most pressing.

“rust can be found in various types along with can be dangerous,” he wrote. “I find the idea hidden behind the militant wing of plastic along with covers the threshold along with undertrays.”

Ward backed up his claim with pictures of Vauxhall Zafira 2004 he’d just inspected by the subframe, adjacent to pregnant wishbone car, was severely corroded. “There was no evidence of his condition until he was removed undertray, which often will be not disturbed during the service,” he said. “The undertray incorporates a sound materials to isolate hair type, which was held moisture along with in which, I think, was the cause of the erosion. I suspect in which there are many others like the idea.”

Vauxhall asked why continue to install undertrays reinforced steel on its cars. A spokesman for Vauxhall along with defended the use along with said to be on the safe side, the company will be conducting an annual inspection to check for rust: “the idea will be the industry general practices to install in which type of undertrays to improve the air flow under the auto along with absorb the engine noise. The company incorporates a six-year antiperforation security [erosion ], which requires customers to provide the auto every year to carry out an inspection to maintain the idea. ”

along with then contacted Ward, partly to hear more about his rusty Zafira however, in fact, to establish credibility. the idea seems reasonable in which he saw

“I’ve been searching cars since 1986; usually 5 a week, he said,” to me. “I rarely see cases of serious erosion however the idea still happens. Sometimes, the Centeng moves cladding massage along with Paint. Often a behind cover threshold, linings wheel arch, under the Centeng panels along with undertrays engine where the metal surfaces can not be dry. MOT test will not takes the covers off to review them, so corrosion may be happening out of sight. “

cars engineer James Carswell of Scotia automobile inspection, based in Greenock, he claims to have seen a lot of rusty cars from the 56 years of poking around things. One of the memories of the lead, however, will be not Crestas corroded or rusty Rovers via way back, however focuses flaky than just four years ago along with, more recently, Shuffle Dacia Duster .

“Since about four years, Ford commissioned about 20 inspectors to the auto, including me, to make sure in which some of the real estate focus steel back door,” he says. “During the 18 months I was employed by Ford , I checked 10 to 15 cars a day For two main weeks each month. the idea was nearly 10% of the vehicles checked rust marks. Ford has been very Great about the idea, the comprehensive reform, or replacement of the back door “


spokesman said the Ford story Carswell said:” We ‘male’ focuses hole with rust under warranty for 12 years. the idea was at the back door. something inside of the plate along with Centeng scrub down to metal. the idea was about 3-4 years ago, cars were coming at the end of the warranty, so they’re old at in which point. “

More recently, from the last year, Carswell claims to be losing four Dacia Duster. Rust at the seams, along with behind the sills along with headlights

A Dacia said spokesman Autocar: “a limited number of dusters hand from the right engine, which was built in India, the initial production stage along with delivered between January 2013 along with August 2014 , the idea found in which inconsistencies from the bodywork coating process may cause some surface corrosion on some of the edges of the plate. the idea was the order of the strong fix on any duster in which you might need. will be not affected by the right Dusters drive via Romania. ”

Dr. Martin Strangwood, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Metallurgy along with Materials, University of Birmingham, says a Great coating applied anti-corrosion of the auto will be vital for, long life free of rust. He says: “the idea will be important to put the right class for painting anti-corrosion. Sometimes, will be used to protect them very soon. Maybe where concealed metallic element behind the plastic cover along with moist permanently. Also, the idea will be still difficult to put a thick layer of paint on complex shapes. ”

However, for all the huge strides the automotive industry from the anti-corrosion protection, Strangwood says there will be still one gap from the armor. “Steel slide provides protection sacrificial animals only. Zn via erosion in preference to steel. in which will be Great because the zinc will be not structural – the steel will be. However, the idea means the coating incorporates a limited lifespan. To extend the idea, in winter, along with people should wash the salt on the roads out of their cars. “

whether your car rusty or not, along with in which’s probably one thing we can all agree on.

what I said about the rust

we published the story of a used car rusty on Pistonheads recently. Here are just a few of the responses in which have attracted.

are rust

Fords rust, as do some of the years of BMW along with Mercedes . certain years of golf front wings rust also. “

” MK2 focuses suffer a fair bit with the tin worm, along with my 58 plate Mk2.5 began to show signs of in which. ” 19,459,005]

“recently, I saw more than one Mazda 6 with sills along with arches spoiled, as will be the case from the MOT lack of large holes.”

“anything in which the Japanese will continue to be vulnerable for a little bit of rust. the idea’s because they do not use salt on the roads, so no need to protect the rust “

” there are a lot of issues of modern rust will be the failure of specific – linings rivals rubbing through the paint, along with blocked drainage channels. ”

they do not rust

“makes a very Great French for not rust.”

“My Citroen along with Renault both 13 years old with zero rust.”

“my old X- panel had [19459025Honda Accord does not rust in everything when I sold the last year, my father 52 plate CR-V will be completely free of rust as well. “

” along with I say, on balance, things leagues before, where they once were. “

” only to sell at the age of eight years Galaxy along with not a spot of rust on the idea. in which was ka , Puma which tend to rust, focus earlier. I think Ford has under control at in which point, “

the standpoint of minerals along with

Dr. Martin Strangwood – lecture at the Faculty of metals along with materials, the University of Birmingham – to protect anti-corrosion

“there are a lot of high-quality steel today are pre-galvanized to provide anti-corrosion protection, along with the edges coated along with protected after the break. Bodies in which are made of steel in which have not been galvanized by hot will be dropped to stimulate them accurately. the idea can then be applied to the polymer coating prior to painting. in which trend towards more dates via the full protection of the Lancia Beta, which was only partially protected via rust.

“In general, the level of protection will be affected by corrosion by how much paint will be applied, along with how. Today, paint along with minerals they applied to put them together, so you can coat the metal accurately along with evenly before the idea will be formed.

“there are geographical differences from the levels of corrosion protection. Vehicles supplied to the Gulf states do not need to have such a high corrosion resistance. Those supplied to the UK need greater protection via road salt saucepan. In Russia, a lot of acid soils due to the pine forests. If you are the global market to provide, you need to plan for each of these possibilities along with excessive in determining corrosion resistance back. “

John Evans

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Source: Rusty cars: why they're not a thing of the past

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