Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 celebrates 100 years of BMW

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Source : Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 celebrates 100 years of BMW

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concept uses advanced lightweight platform made of composite materials, the weight is usually supported by the electric propulsion system of high-performance


along with Rolls-Royce next vision 100, a super-luxury, along with the concept of a future, has been unveiled to mark This kind of year’s centenary of the parent company BMW .

been unveiled concept along with the concept of Statistics Next Vision 100 , compact four-seater. Earlier This kind of year, the item was revealed the concept of BMW Vision Next 100 , along with display visions for the future of the automobile.

is usually based on the concept of a light weight platform using advanced composite materials equipped with high-performance powered by an electric drivetrain paying vehicles. The wheelbase to the Centeng design, Rolls-Royce said the concept can be adapted to suit customer needs.

completely independent, internal concept car does not have a seat along with steering wheel the driver or tools, which creates a “fresh sense completely out of space,” according to the brand. The only tool remaining over the central analog clock under the panorama window.

concept offers the occupants of the so-called virtual personal assistant, which controls the auto along with appears on a transparent OLED display full-width. More time to spend with the assistant passengers, what more learns interest along with need, for example, favorite restaurants, taste in art along with roads favorite. Using speech, travelers can also assistant to tailor their flight is usually called.


materials within the concept of Makassar wood along with silk twisted hand on the ground, along with the silk soft furnishings.

measuring 5.9m in length, along with the concept coupe along the lines of his wheel arches stand-alone on the sides of the radiator grille, while the procedure spirit of ecstasy via hand cut lead crystal along with illuminated via the inside .

to get in along with out of the auto, the roof of the coach open door. Passengers stand within the auto along with get out, while the expectations of light to create a “red carpet” effect.

luggage can be kept within the front part of the Rolls-Royce following the vision of 100, along with that has a mechanism to open a hole within the side of the auto.

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Source: Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 celebrates 100 years of BMW

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