Rolls-Royce reveals yacht-inspired Nautical Wraith

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Source : Rolls-Royce reveals yacht-inspired Nautical Wraith

Features one-time Rolls-Royce Phantom nautical detailed home in addition to also abroad in detail


details emerged of a one-time, inspired by the the yacht Rolls-Royce called nautical stealth , who scored our international customers did not disclose his name.

painted from the Arab blue with white orchid roof featuring anchor of the door handles in addition to also the center console above the logo, in addition to also the Inner surface is usually greatly affected by the luxury yacht that has a dashboard made of Santos beleaguered in addition to also Theodore oak.


Rolls-Royce is usually able to confirm the stealth nautical cost or buyer, although did not say so, as a large part of their customers also have an interest in boats, can appear more inspired by the yacht designs from the future.

The ghost is usually not the first edition nautical commissioned by Rolls-Royce. In 2015, nautical details Phantom emerged, which appeared motif anchor alike, as well as a detailed external in addition to also internal compass stored from the phone tray.

Rolls-Royce is usually famous for its exclusive launch versions of its cars. US client did not disclose his name, who was a fan of a television detective series Inspector Morse, commissioned by stealth inspired by the iconic red in addition to also black Jaguar Mark 2, which appears from the series.


various other examples of the once heavenly delusional, in addition to also of which 446 diamonds appeared an integral part of the unit door lids in addition to also center console, in addition to also the Phantom Coupe chicane, where he was replaced by the completion of the internal wood with carbon fiber.

Rolls-Royce is usually one of the few manufacturers of which build detailed designs for loyal customers. In 2012, the design of the Ferrari one-time, 512 BB-inspired 458 for the singer in addition to also guitarist Eric Clapton. McClaren detailed projects for its clients through the Special Operations Team also offers, which has produced the likes of X-1- based 12C.

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Source: Rolls-Royce reveals yacht-inspired Nautical Wraith

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