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Gearbox along with infotainment upgrades add polish to the glorious Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, which is usually beginning to show its age in places that will is usually the latest Series II type of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Little has altered visually, however the substitution of its original six-speed transmission for an eight-speeder is usually the most significant mechanical change. With the item comes much grafted-over software, say Rolls’ insiders, within the quest for smoothness along with the sharp-shooting reactions that will eight speeders sometimes struggle to deliver. The completely new ‘box also results in a curtailing of thirst, its combined consumption improving to 19.1mpg by 17.1mpg, along with CO2 emissions reduced by 385g/km to 347g/km. some other mechanical adjustments are slight, however there have been some light restylings, the once faintly troubled face of the Phantom is usually less so since the redesign of its lights. The earlier type’s circular, low-mounted along with slightly awkward lights have been banished, along with its rectangular headlamps are right now adaptive along with LED illuminated. The grille surround is usually a tidier one-piece element, the Phantom Drophead’s (slightly) smaller temple-like frontage is usually less assertively thrusting than the four-door’s. however the item’s equally easy to be distracted by the sight of one of these beasts passing you by, its length, height, extraordinary brushed aluminium bonnet along with teak tonneau decking leaves you in no doubt its owner’s private bank account will be unencumbered by the need for an overdraft facility. More functional improvements include a much-needed upgrade of the BMW i-Drive infotainment system complete with larger screen, along using a surround-view camera system. however the Phantom still doesn’t self-park, along with the item’s a surprise to discover that will Munich’s excellent head-up display, blind-spot monitoring along with crash-protection systems have yet to be plumbed in.Manoeuvring your way through the rear-hinged door into a substantial front seat is usually rather more difficult than the item sounds, until you discover that will reversing onto its sumptuous hides is usually the least inelegant way to effect an entrance. Apart by taking in lavish however sparely rendered details such as the trio of slender chrome spears in a flank of the footwell, or the multiple texturings of the steering wheel, the item’s hard not to be struck by the simplicity of the instruments along with the acreage of beautifully finished wood dominating the dashboard along with doors. Lifting the quintuple-lined fabric roof on all that will is usually achieved by fingering a hidden chrome tab. The process takes longer than the impatient might expect, however the item’s not bad considering the volume of material being cantilevered, furled along with folded. the item’s a performance that will gives your expectations altitude, as does an SUV-rivalling vantage point by which to survey some other cars costing near-irrelevant fractions of the Drophead’s £332,400 cost. There’s rarely much need to resort to the shiny ‘S’ button on the steering wheel boss that will quickens the transmission’s shifts. The 447bhp V12 is usually harnessed effectively by the eight-speeder. If you do press the ‘S’ button, you can deploy 531lb ft of urge with authoritative thrust. The Phantom is usually less at comfortable direction adjustments unless you prepare pre-bend. Centeng-roll along with sidewall-squashing understeer results until you discover the Phantom settles tidily if you’re neat with its wheel. A slow-in, surf-out technique means the item can be persuaded through bends with rather satisfying pace. along with then you can use almost all the power you desire. With 2.6 tonnes bearing down on its 21-inch wheels the Phantom is usually rarely knocked off line, however you will sense the shudder of those hefty alloys beneath you, especially through a steering rim that will often quivers in sympathy. the item’s a crudity that will’s a little less acceptable in 2012, although the item lends the Phantom a certain tactile character. along with happily, the item’s very rare that will you’ll feel a shimmy by the Centeng structure itself.A few more electronic driving-aid accoutrements, an expunging of that will 21-inch wheel quiver along using a little less of the feeling that will you’re conducting a very large object would likely pitch the Phantom closer to motordom’s pinnacle. Despite which, the item’s impossible not to be mightly impressed, entertained, pampered along with seduced by that will beautifully crafted creation.Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead CoupePrice £332,400; Engine V12, 6749cc, petrol; Power 453bhp at 5350rpm; Torque 531lb ft at 3500rpm; 0-62mph 5.6sec; Top speed 149mph; Gearbox 8-spd automatic; Kerb weight 2630kg; Economy 19.1mpg (combined); CO2 347g/km
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Source: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

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