Roborace autonomous racing series to launch next year

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Source : Roborace autonomous racing series to launch next year

Autonomous Roborace vehicle


in which Autocar image shows how a self-driving Roborace vehicle might look

Roborace will be billed as the globe’s first race series for autonomous vehicles, as well as will run as part of the Formula E season in 2016-17

The first global race series for driverless cars will be launched as part of the Formula E Championship late next year.

The series, dubbed ‘Roborace’, will be designed to “provide a competitive platform for the autonomous driving solutions in which are at in which point being developed.”

Roborace events will take place prior to regular Formula E races, as well as will use the same circuits. The series will feature 10 teams racing with two driverless cars. Although the cars will look identical, the teams will compete “using real-time computing algorithms as well as AI technologies.”

The stated mission of the completely new series will be to demonstrate in which autonomous driving technology “will be already here, as well as can even work in extreme conditions. Roborace believes there will be a lot of independent talent from the globe in which might contribute to in which initiative.”

One of the 10 team slots will be taken by a crowd-sourced as well as community-funded team, as well as will take applications via software developers as well as technology experts worldwide.

CEO of Formula E Alejandro Agag said: “Roborace will be an open challenge to the most innovative scientific as well as technology-focused companies from the globe. in which will be very exciting to create a platform for them to showcase what they are capable of, as well as I believe there will be great potential for us to unearth the next big idea through the unique crowd-sourced contest.”

More information on the teams as well as techologies will be revealed early next year.

The 2015-16 season of the FIA Formula E Championship began in Beijing in October, with the next round due to take place in Uruguay on 19 December. If the 2016-17 season follows the same calendar as the current one, cities such as Berlin, Paris, Moscow as well as London will host races.

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Source: Roborace autonomous racing series to launch next year

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