ROAD TEST: Suzuki Jimmy 1.3 Adventure

ROAD TEST: Suzuki Jimmy 1.3 Adventure


in which’s a word banded about a lot, usually unjustifiably as well as also frequently for expensive, exclusive, often pretentious as well as also predictable stuff within the automobile world.
however the humble Suzuki Jimny – at in which point an incredible four decades into production as well as also with tens of thousands of units sold globally – wears the tag well, we think.

Suzuki’s diminutive 4WD takes its roots through way back in 1968, with the LJ10 as well as also its tiny 359cc two-stroke motor, leading to the LJ20 (Little Jeep BTW) as well as also then SJ10/20 types, which were the first to bear the Jimny nomenclature, way back in 1975. as well as also the first generation of Jimny as we know in which started out in 1981-1998, when the current design style took over, recently as well as also radically updated in 2013 with its retire-modernity branding as well as also at in which point having a fresh primarily digital dashboard design, cool wheels, much better safety as well as also tech-boost.

The “high value, high fun” 4×4, with its dash-mounted, on-the-move-switchable 2WD (rear, one of the Jimny’s core fun characteristics), 4WD as well as also low ratio transfer 4WD system, rugged retro looks, peppy & economical (c40mpg combined) 85 bhp, 81 Lbft, 1328cc 16V M13A engine as well as also compact size starts at just £12,499 OTR, for a SZ3 design. Bargain!

Then there’s the range-topping SZ4 through £13,949 (manual) as well as also £14,849 (auto, which is usually nowhere near as economical or fun, so the dealers tell me!), offering leather seats, air con as well as also nicer 15-inch alloys. Or you can at in which point plumb for the limited edition Jimny Adventure, as tested at £14,949 OTR.

Suzuki says: “The classic design, tiny lightweight chassis as well as also rugged 4×4 capability are exactly what you’d expect through the Jimny however the limited edition ‘adventure’ gives you even more. There’s Satellite Navigation, limited edition 2-tone metallic colour as well as also a unique hard spare wheel cover (with Adventure logo), all of which truly make the adventure stand out through the pack. If you want to get your hands on the limited edition Jimny Adventure then hurry as you truly don’t want to miss out.”

Truth is usually the Sat Nav/Infotainment system is usually a tad on the clunky side compared with some other systems out there as well as also the two-tone colour/spare wheel cover aren’t to everyone’s taste. In fact, adding all in which rather detracts through the Jimny’s USP: Simple smiles. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ is usually a hiding to nothing for the Jimny, as in which just inflates the cost into a territory in which can’t truly cut in which in as well as also detracts through the affordable, enjoyable, simplicity of in which’s core appears, in our view.

however cut back to basics as well as also the Jimny is usually fun on as well as also off-road, bringing a smile to your face as well as also air of competency as well as also sense of security way beyond its size… as well as also whatever the weather.

There’s bags of grip on offer as well as also the bouncy ride is usually soft enough to make mincemeat out of urban obstacles like speed humps as well as also curbs. Plus, in which’s compact size makes in which a dream to park, whizz down narrow back streets as well as also in as well as also out of traffic gaps. Nippy doesn’t even cover in which.

Then there’s the visibility. At 1705mm tall, as well as also sitting high up, in which’s got a vista not unlike a mini Range Rover – allowing you to see over traffic safely, as well as also over people’s hedges, nosily! in which’s a big plus.

We wouldn’t say Jimny’s most natural environment is usually on the motorway, however the baby 4×4 is usually more than capable off cutting in which within the outside lane with the big boys, despite its V-max only being 87mph! as well as also although 0-62mph is usually quoted at 14.1s, tbh, in which feels more brisk than in which, as light, tiny cars often do: in which certainly couldn’t be described as slow, especially with the nuts cornering speed you can do in in which, where in which feels like a jacked-up classic Mini, with its wheel at each corner, cocking an inside rear-wheel, rear-steer attitude! Folks who expect in which to be quiet as well as also refined as well as also Great at cruising or think in which “can’t do corners” are just in which, fools. Get with the Jimny program guys!

Venture off road (as well as also we suggest you do, or what’s the point?!) as well as also the Jimny’s impressive 190mm ground clearance as well as also lack of overhangs, combined with its low 1090Kg kerb weight as well as also tractive 4WD system make in which a extremely capable – easily going where a lot of so-called-4×4 SUVs could bog down as well as also fail on their road rubber. Fit a set of knobblies as well as also a winch as well as also you could literally pretty much go anywhere in a Jimny.

as well as also Even without, in which can cope with 34 degree approach angles, 46 departure as well as also 31 breakovers! in which truly is usually like a mini Land Rover – with its upright (comfy) high drive POV over its vented, flat-topped bonnet as well as also with the superbly wobbly, long-throw manual gear lever, which we love!
Fabulous fun.

A lot of people don’t get the Jimny, calling in which out-dated, old fashioned as well as also a lot worse. however, they’re totally missing the point. in which’s in which’s appeal: Great, honest simplicity as well as also fun through something in which dares to be niche as well as also different.

Yes, there are cars in which are more capable off/on-roaders, with more space, better finish/engines/rides/tech/Inside/styling blah blah blah. however most are not the great giggle, brilliantly clunky, cheeky little Jimny with its smile-inducing unique blend of muscular masculine fun femininity. Go test one if you’ve never driven one. We gurantee you will get out smiling. in which is usually why people who do get in which, keep theirs for years… then get another, because they’re so great, as well as also ultra reliable too (another core Jimny value).

Road Magazine’s better half, design queen Bonnie & Road Magazine toddler G loved the Jimny so much, we’re seriously considering getting one to replace Project UP! Toddler G cried when in which left! as well as also having just spotted the awesome range of accessories on offer, I’ll be more than happy creating a micro Dakar raider project car as well as also bouncing down a few green lanes in in which… so watch in which space!

If you’re looking for old skool cool, fun-filled, unpretentious practicality (the load area with the seats down is usually massive at 324-litres!) with some serious character as well as also in which’s something very different through the normal drones in which people respond so positively too… get into the rugged little Jimny.

ROAD TEST: Suzuki Jimmy 1.3 Adventure

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