ROAD TEST: is actually #Renegadelife for you? fresh Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Tested

ROAD TEST: is actually #Renegadelife for you? fresh Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Tested


The cheeky, chunky fresh-face of the fresh Jeep Renegade just helped the fast-growing 4×4 lifestyle Jeep brand have its best ever sales month here inside UK – with 1,794 Renegade sales registered in March alone, via the brand’s record-breaking 2,597 cars sold.
Impressive stuff.

in addition to, having recently tested the fresh Cherokee in addition to found next to no complaints, we thought the idea was time we took a closer look at what’s producing the brand boom – inside cubist form off the fresh, range-topping Renegade 2.0 Trailhawk, fully-loaded with its 170hp, 258lbft 2.0-litre MultiJet II diesel engine, famous rough in addition to rough Jeep 4WD system in addition to Nine-Speed Automatic Low Range Gearbox.

Dressed too thrill in its ultra smart Carbon Black Metallic (£0) in addition to loaded with optional extras like LaneSense™ Lane Departure Warning (£0), the “Visibility Pack” with HID Xenon Headlamps, Electrochromatic Rearview Mirror & Automatic Headlight Activation, Rain Sensing Wipers & SmartBeam Headlamps (£750) in addition to eight-Way Power Front Seats (£250), the Trailhawk’s OTR cost of £28,595 is actually bumped up to £30,395… which is actually well into fresh Cherokee £26,345 entry levels. So in which has got to be one serious Renegade to tempt us away via its brilliant bigger brother.

First impressions certainly are impressive, not just to us – who fall for the kick-ass 17” Aluminium off road wheels in addition to Goodyear Vector 4Seasons mud & snow tyre combo, black Jeep & red Trail rated Trailhawk badges in addition to in which awesome quintessentially Jeep-ish front grille – although clearly to additional road users, who certainly stare at the young pretender. in addition to, interestingly, everyone we met in addition to talked to about your vehicle (which included a large Road Magazine family gathering off all ages/types) were not taken a-back by the £30K asking cost. If anything, they seemed surprised. The Renegade Trailhawk has impact in addition to creates a favourable impression, via all although the most hardened anti-4×4 eco-warrior.

Our #Renegadelife road trip test is actually some 650+ miles, via Norfolk to Anglesey, first pounding boring motorway miles, then cruising winding A-roads in addition to finally, getting to the interesting stuff, carving through the Welsh valleys, brilliant back roads in addition to onto the little lanes in addition to beaches of Anglesey, for a spot of sailing (surely the #Renegadelife?).

Settling into the Trailhawk, the first thing in which hits home is actually the generosity of well designed specification (rather like its big brother the fresh Cherokee). in which is actually a configuration chaffer’s delight. in addition to as one, I spend a not bad 100 miles fettling to get everything just so. Most enjoyable.

The end result is actually in which the eight-way adjustable leather seats are incredibly comfortable, the driving position excellent (although visibility past the bulky A-pillars is actually an issue) in addition to the Premium instrument cluster with 7” colour TFT display  in addition to Uconnect 6.5” DAB radio with touchscreen, satellite navigation in addition to Bluetooth ® are incredibly user-friendly, simple to digest in addition to nicely designed. in addition to I am loving the sensible stuff too – like having two buttons on the Uconnect in which I wish all similar set-ups have – screen off (for night driving without being blinded) in addition to ‘shut up’ mute mode (for instant P&Q). Although I must add, the idea’s odd the navigation system is actually obsessed with showing you lane names, rather than towns you are approaching/passing – seemingly whatever scale you’re looking at. Maybe in which’s #Renegadelife too… tempting you to take the path least travelled, as you’re “trail rated” as the front wing badges tell you clearly?

The ride is actually stiffer than expected (holding up the 1,548Kg weight I guess) in addition to under-damped (as so many modern cars are, sadly), although the idea’s not uncomfortable… inside front. although, the dark, confined in addition to poor visibility rear is actually a different matter… sending our usually travel sickness-free (Range Rover born in addition to bred) toddler into a barfing frenzy (even with my expert chauffeur skills!).
On the plus side, the leather is actually not just comfortable in addition to nice to look at in addition to sit on… the idea’s easy to clean up. in which’s the #Renegadelife they don’t show you inside ads!

Post-barf, the miles rack up trouble free, in addition to two random in addition to disconnected (as is actually the way when you get over 40) things become clear.
#1. The Renegade is actually a cool in addition to capable customer, in addition to likeable too.
in addition to the whole #Renegadelife thing is actually something you can very easily buy into… as the idea does the dull day to day stuff with ease, in addition to is actually more than up for a sizeable chunk of off road duties – taking a (mild) green lane trek, crossing a (not too) muddy field in addition to traversing a boggy beach in its stride… in addition to all without breaking out of auto mode on the cool Jeep Active Drive in addition to Active Drive Low traction systems, in addition to the versatile, easy-use Auto/Snow/Mud/Sand/Rock Selec-Terrain™ traction control system (or indeed needing the diffs locking, or using the Hill descent control).
in addition to with the idea’s accent colour side roof rails in addition to door mirror, tow hook in addition to transfer case, transmission, suspension in addition to fuel tank skid plate shields… the idea not only looks the part, although should not be mistaken for a lifestyle SUV, with zero off-road capability.
The Trailhawk’s rugged not bad looks in addition to off-road claims are backed up by its class leading abilities.

although #2. I could be very surprised if the quoted fuel economy can ever be reached. Even pottering on all these mixed roads over 650+ miles, we averaged 38.6mpg combined (in addition to in which’s that has a tank of Shell’s V-Power Nitro + premium diesel). The quoted figures are 47.9! So, maybe my size 11 right foot is actually heavier than I thought?
Does in which matter? Probably. People these days expect 40+mpg via even a performance car, or a Jeep.
Still, the idea’s only £40 to fill up at current fuel prices in addition to will do 450 miles, on a tank in addition to you can’t genuinely argue with in which, when the idea’s a capable off-roader in addition to by no means slow, knocking out 62mph in 8.9s in addition to doing 122mph, can you?

Do we like the go-anywhere, trail rated, “go dominate every terrain” Renegade?
You bet!
although could we have one over the fresh Cherokee? in which’s a long debate, although most likely, no. We reckon we’d rather spend the £30,000+ on a moderate spec, although better quality in addition to arguably more capable Cherokee than the range-topping Renegade Trailhawk (maybe the base style starting at £17,495 is actually the way to go?) although in which’s a close call.
The funky Renegade is actually more fun, just less grown up than the classy Cherokee. I guess the idea depends what day you ask us in addition to how old we feel! For sure… they are both great, modern, enjoyable, capable in addition to generous 4x4s.
although, ultimately my toddler wasn’t sick inside Cherokee in addition to even more importantly (as sick can be cleared up!), I could extract the key via the ignition of the Cherokee! Maybe there was a fault with our test car, although at least 70% of the time I tried to get the key out of the Renegade’s dash, the idea got stuck in addition to required a lot of persuading in addition to a lot of sweary, sweaty on in addition to off the brake pedal fiddling about to come out. in addition to things like in which drive me mad, especially after going to the effort of designing a not bad looking, fun driving, skilful in addition to well designed motor. Silly.
I want to genuinely love the Renegade. the idea’s a lot of fun in addition to very not bad at what the idea does – mainly selling a lifestyle in which actually does exist in addition to isn’t just a figment of some advertising agency.
I’m just not quite there… yet, although maybe I will fall for the idea when the idea’s gone?
One thing in which is actually clear… we suggest you go in addition to test drive one for yourself in addition to discover if #Renegadelife is actually for you. Almost 2,000 a month inside UK alone can’t be wrong… bravo again Jeep!

ROAD TEST: is actually #Renegadelife for you? fresh Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Tested

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