Riversimple to commence Beta-testing of Rasa hydrogen car

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Source : Riversimple to commence Beta-testing of Rasa hydrogen car

Riversimple Rasa zero-emissions car used four years at the wheel of electric motors along with promises 250mpg along using a range of 300 miles. along with invited investors to help get the first phase of the open rolling development


British carmaker says Riversimple she’s ready to start within the beta stage of development testing of brand-new hydrogen-powered Rasa her, along with asked investors to participate to help kick start the program.

The company plans to hold a trial period of 12 months, where members of the public will run Rasa as their own car, which helps to smooth out any problems before the auto goes into production.

If you meet the required amount of funding, can run 20 Riversimple lead be on British roads later This particular year, in selected areas where the appropriate infrastructure (such as hydrogen fuel station) is actually at hand. If successful development, along with plans to produce Riversimple 3500 bullets in 2018, offered to drivers through the leasing system.

Autocar got to meet the man behind the Rasa earlier This particular year. Read on to find out what we thought of his project.


along with two Rasa produces nothing yet water via the tailpipe along with is actually capable of 250mpg along with the estimated range of 300 miles just 1.5KG of hydrogen.

used upside-8.5kW fuel cell (the equivalent of about 11bhp), which combines hydrogen with oxygen to form water along with electricity. Four engines power electricity in which drive all of the wheels of the vehicle, using a combined output of about 443lb-ft of torque.

all electric motors for the auto works as a generator when the brakes are applied, along with can recover as much as 70% of kinetic energy during heavy braking. Under normal applications, the recovery of about 50%.

along with the entire drivetrain has only 18 moving parts, along with is actually capable of accelerating the auto to 60mph in a respectable 10SEC. Top speed is actually limited to 60mph, yet says Riversimple car can cruise comfortably at This particular speed for long periods.

Rasa weighs just 580kg thanks to the use of carbon composite monocoque aluminum pallet. Weight has been minimized in every way, with mono along with weighing 39kg, along with doors weighing 8KG along with fuel cell itself weighs 19KG. Carbon fiber sustainable sources reinforced plastic along with glass fiber reinforced polymer Centeng panels add a minimum of a block on top.

Riversimple founder Hugo Spowers, Colin Chapman says his philosophy of light weight Lotus sports cars served. A source of inspiration

background Spowers “involves race – along with include previous projects establishing along with managing the business in which designed along with built racing cars – yet the environmental concerns prompted step in creating sustainable cars. Accordingly, was built straight with the use of resources minimum in mind .

In total, out of Rasa well to wheel CO2 (km CO2 produced via conception of the form to the end of its useful life) is actually roughly equivalent to 40g / km. yet with the rapidly improve the driving force along with production techniques refined, expects Riversimple to cut This particular number by half within the coming years.

Autocar samples straight via the passenger seat. while we have limited time within the auto a little about their performance revealed, along with the overall experience is actually closer to in which of a sports car a little British. with gears only – two forward along with reverse – in which’s as simple surprising in which works, along with they pulled along with looked like an electric car type

along with rode like something suitable to keep track of the work – in which’s to say in which was a bit over bumps along with harsh slot covers – yet stressed Spowers in which the suspension system within the auto settings in which is actually still under development. He added in which the final product will be much more tolerant

cabin a pleasant place of surprising in which; despite the isolation via the outside world thin, low stools, Alcantara wrapped steering wheel free of clutter along with dash in which gives the Inner surface feels a sports car – undoubtedly influenced Spowers “within the field of motorsport

business plan

along with interesting, such as Rasa, however, in which’s the work of Rivesimple plan in which actually sets Apart via various other vehicles powered instead.

Riversimple will produce soon a series of 20 bullets trial to be used by individuals for later This particular year, in what in which calls a trial beta. believes opening stage of development to the people outside of work will help to raise the pace of improvement.

Riversimple as open source for results along with development, various other companies can then work on the development of This particular technology. thinking Spowers “is actually in which the presence of thousands of eyes working on a piece of technology is actually much better than just a little team. in which’s a place Riversimple confidence as a leader of the development will ensure the company’s survival, even if the use of technology in various other places.

after the beta trial, is actually scheduled for full production of 3,500 vehicles for the 2018 run will be selling these cars under contract where buyers hire the right to use the auto. Although the costs are uncertain, says Riversimple prices will be reasonable along with will fuel, insurance along with maintenance costs include.

“instead of trying to make money via our customers within the first few years of ownership, along with our means action plan we earn more money through customer service grants more affordable we can,” explains Spowers. “If you were to build a cheap, effective along with reliable car, along with we make more money, the customer is actually happier. All parties are working to achieve a common goal.”

Spowers says This particular plan contrasts with in which of several major automakers, which want customers to buy more spare parts along with traded in their cars at regular intervals. Riversimple, on the various other hand, wants its cars to last for at least 15 years.

will provide

first car of the people present in a little number currently undisclosed cities within the United Kingdom, where in which will build a hydrogen filling stations. The plan is actually to ensure in which a large enough amount of demand will be generated to justify the expense of building the station. Then in which should stimulate the construction of more infrastructure in various other regions.

within the future, Riversimple wants to combine its plan with the rental car sharing, as in which believes in which the concept will one day become a much more economically along with environmentally sustainable source of private transport.

The company, which is actually based in Llandrindod, Wales, has recently received a $ 2000000 € funding via the European Union. along with he participated within the project hydrogen Morgan LIFEcar for 2008, featuring a team of industry experts with backgrounds in Formula 1, aerospace along with multinational manufacturers.

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Source: Riversimple to commence Beta-testing of Rasa hydrogen car

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