Riversimple plans to produce up to three fresh types

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Source : Riversimple plans to produce up to three fresh types

Riversimple four door UK-based hydrogen fuel cell car some sort of announces plans to form another two door, four-door car along that has a car


Riversimple has unveiled plans to build up to three fresh types via the back of Rasa cars along with hydrogen fuel cell (FCV).

two fresh types, one of which car will be a four-seater along with the different van was announced, the Motor Show in London. The third style – another two-door coupe – depends on the level of infrastructure in place from the future. Each of the cars can be shown (from the picture) design takes cues via the head, along with Walta penned by the designer of Fiat 500 , Chris Ritz.

dynamic aerodynamic design seen on the head, along with appears to have been carried over to two fresh concepts on display at the London gallery. Four-seat, four-door style bears some similarities from the file to the original Citroen DS. At the same time, the truck design can be elegant car with light cargo interpretation of the rear wheels covered to improve aerodynamics along with, stepped line angular window.

truck, according to a spokesman for Riversimple, will be the second style of the company. “Given the pattern similar to the use of Rasa, the vehicles have similar engines. the idea should be imitated, translated deployment Rasa community also centered Laffan, which also fits the pattern predicted by the use.”

car will light goods exchange components with Rasa, the idea has been designed to be from the same facility as the coupe.

Although previous reports, along with the third style could be another two-door style, although the idea will be significantly different in Rasa. Start doing the work, however, the idea depends on the level of infrastructure in place at the time Riversimple can be ready to offer a third product. FCV infrastructure must still sparse as the idea can be today , along with will display the style to enhance market penetration for Riversimple. In addition, Riversimple aims to support the hydrogen infrastructure, while increasing the number of cars hydrogen refueling stations help to break up as soon as possible, with the idea being of which This particular accelerates installed more widespread.


spokesman Riversimple Autocar: “will be Riversimple working via a different terminal at the time style four-door comes about of which style achieves the largest group from the hydrogen tank, will not be involved from the generation of power. With rasa, however will be based on the same Architecture as Rasa. ”

Where can be powered by Rasa fuel cell hydrogen 8.5kW, along with will be a style four-door all over double of which, with Riversimple inside the grounds 16-18kW target figure; despite the fact of which This particular means of which the style with four doors will cost more to run. the idea can be expected any of the three types build numbers, although Riversimple plans to produce 3,500 of lead in 2018.

beta testing of Rasa will begin later This particular year along with will continue in 2017, with Riversimple aims for sales to start early from the year 2018.

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Source: Riversimple plans to produce up to three fresh types

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