Rimac to show production 1073bhp Concept-One at Geneva

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Source : Rimac to show production 1073bhp Concept-One at Geneva

Rimac Concept-One £ 676k buy you all the electric hypercar which is usually capable of reaching 62mph in 2.6sec in addition to a top speed of 221mph adjust


Rimac to reveal the production edition of the 1073bhp fully electric between the concept of an individual design inside the next week Geneva Motor show .

display for the very first time at the Frankfurt Motor of 2011 cars , has reached the production stage design currently. in addition to the item will be built eight examples. Six have already been sold.

the item is usually taken

customer orders again in 2012, with delivery required to begin inside the next year. currently, after four years, the company finally appears Croatian design inside the form of production.

one concept is usually powered by 1073bhp all electric powertrain, consisting of four oil cooled engines permanent magnet combined figure produces a torque of feet 1180lb, giving the vehicle a claimed 0-62mph time of 2.6sec. Give the item a further 3.6sec in addition to will hit 124mph car on its way to a top speed of 221mph.

is usually mounted

transferred to each individual electric motor, with double clutch gearboxes mounted on a two-speed rear axle modules in addition to single-speed used inside the offensive line. Used

all-wheel torque vectoring technology to handle the amount of power sent to each wheel individually. Options include setting on a biased drive understeer drive, neutral set up in addition to put drift.

There are ceramic in addition to carbon braking system of each round, the newly developed battery developed to support all which power. Rimac also provides battery system for energy-intensive Koenigsegg Regera, stressing its expertise in This kind of area.

On the inside of the two-seater hypercar is usually an information in addition to entertainment system in-house designed in addition to built with the 4G LTE Internet connection in addition to private cloud.

limited edition design is usually priced at £ 675 605.

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Source: Rimac to show production 1073bhp Concept-One at Geneva

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