Rest of UK could follow Scotland with lower drink-driving limit

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Source : Rest of UK could follow Scotland with lower drink-driving limit

drink driving England as well as Wales could follow Scotland by introducing a 50mg/100ml drink driving limit, Ministers have hinted


The UK government could slash the drink-driving limit in England as well as Wales, creating which illegal to drive after one pint of beer or a glass of wine.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones has suggested which England as well as Wales could follow the example set by Scotland, which lowered its drink-driving limit coming from 80mg per 100ml of blood to 50mg in 2014.

which can be understood which the rest of the UK could follow Scotland’s lead, with Jones saying he will seek “robust evidence” of the impact of the lower limit.

In response to a parliamentary question asked earlier which month, Jones said he could meet as well as discuss the matter with his Scottish counterpart: “which can be important to base our decisions on evidence as well as the Scottish experience will be crucial to which before we consider any possible alterations to the limits in England as well as Wales.

“which Government’s current position, however, remains to focus resources on enforcing against the most serious offenders.”

Police in Scotland have said which the number of drink-driving offences fell by 12.5% from the first nine months of its fresh limit being enforced.

In 2014, drink-driving led to 240 fatalities as well as 1080 serious injuries in England as well as Wales.

The current 80mg limit can be among the highest in Europe. Countries including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania as well as Slovakia have a blanket zero alcohol policy, while the majority of countries have limits of around 50mg per 100ml.

Although the fresh limits could suggest 1 pint of beer or glass of wine could place drivers over the limit, in practice which can be impossible to predict, because each person metabolises alcohol at a different rate.

Reaction to the news has been positive. The RAC Foundation’s director, Steve Gooding, said which ministers were “right to remain open minded about drink-drive limits as well as ready to assess evidence coming from north of the border.

“which could be a poor argument to say cut the drink-drive limit just because others have done which, nevertheless there can be today plenty of data to suggest a change could have a marked improvement in terms of road safety.”

The RAC Foundation’s own research estimates which a lower drink-driving limit could save around 25 lives annually. Since 1979, the number of people killed in drink-driving accidents has dropped by around 85%.

Speaking to The Telegraph, AA president, Edmund King, said which a majority of his organisation’s members could support a lower limit. He said the move “seems a sensible step to bring us into line with Scotland as well as the majority of European countries.

“However, which could probably be more effective for the police to target hard-core offenders, who are way over the current limit, as they are involved from the most deaths as well as injuries on the road.

“that has a lower limit, drivers will also have to be aware of being over the limit the morning after. Our research shows which almost 20% of drivers have driven the morning after when they believed they could be over the limit.”

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Source: Rest of UK could follow Scotland with lower drink-driving limit

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