Renault Zoe EV could get Renault Sport treatment

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Source : Renault Zoe EV could get Renault Sport treatment

Renault Zoe RS performance variation of the battery-powered Zoe is usually a real possibility – if that will can be fixed range of issues


in addition to Renault Sport consider the launch of a high-performance variation of Renault Zoe supermini battery after extracting the “encouraging” performance of the prototype built inside last year.


project possible at the beginning of 2015 when that will adopted Zoe, cars more sophisticated in addition to smaller plants to improve their own source engine software package, after that will was launched in addition to sold for the first two years with the set-up provided by the Continental.

has not yet taken any decision on the showroom Zoe RS because preliminary tests showed an extra performance comes at the expense of a significant reduction inside driving range.

Renault Sport coach Patrice Ratti emphasized both the progress of the project in addition to disadvantages.

“The performance in addition to the way they are delivered very promising,” “in addition to so is usually the handling, because both the structure in addition to leadership Renault Sport Clio parts we fit directly to Zoe.

” acceleration was not bad, especially of inertia. yet we were surprised how much influence the leadership circle endurance car battery. If we traveled to our apartment style out on the circuit, the battery will only post 13 or 14 minutes – will not be enough to satisfy our customers, “

Although This kind of final problem, that will seems, was not on the shelf project Zoe RS .

, said if, “at some future time,” in addition to was 22kWh capacity lithium-ion Zoe battery benchmark because enhances the change can Renault Sport presented which has a “fresh opportunity” Ratti.

in addition to

Renault not to confirm the change, yet that will is usually believed that will Zoe fact that will they tend to get a boost in battery capacity at the end of This kind of year.

size in addition to weight of the battery is usually unlikely to change

in addition to currently stablemate de offered Ark Group, which operates batteries in addition to Nissan LEAF , with lithium-ion battery 30kWh, 25% greater inside ability of the unit, which is usually still available.

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Source: Renault Zoe EV could get Renault Sport treatment

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