Renault set to halve diesel NOx emissions

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Source : Renault set to halve diesel NOx emissions

Renault Captur French automaker will fit fresh types with more effective than the system in July. Will be offered diesel owners upgrade existing free


Renault has revealed in which the idea will equip diesel cars with recycling fresh exhaust gas system (ECR) through July 2016, to reduce the production of nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 50% in some types.

says French automaker ECR expanded system will be installed on all fresh diesel vehicles Euro -6 B-compliant as well as will not have a noticeable impact on the performance as well as fuel consumption.

existing owners of the Renault with EUR 6B engines will also be able to get a list of the fresh European Council installed free of charge through October. The amendment covers reprogramming control unit injector.


Renault has been testing the fresh system since July 2015, as well as was able to double the distance a car can run with the idea operating at maximum efficiency.

with the addition of nitrogen oxides trap promote as well as Renault claims in which half of the emissions of nitrogen oxides types in certain circumstances, although the idea was unable to provide more detailed information at This specific stage.


Renault to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions as well as the idea seems her group inside past year, as well as This specific news first to the representation of several stages inside process.

car maker has increased its investment in emission reduction technology in recent months, yet was quick to emphasize how This specific work will be voluntary as well as not because of its cars failing to meet emissions limits.

Renault 15,000 car pointed out earlier This specific year after the idea became clear in which the movement 108bhp engine to be mounted on Captur emitted by the increasing emission levels in certain degrees operating temperature. The company pointed out cars “to address the error inside calibration of the engine unit,” as well as in which there are no additional engines have been affected.

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Source: Renault set to halve diesel NOx emissions

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