Renault predicts death of diesel types before 2020

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Source : Renault predicts death of diesel types before 2020

Renault Clio dCi 110


types such as the Renault Clio DCI 110 can be dropped

senior engineers Reno refers to more investment in diesel engines for smaller cars will not be viable by the end of the decade

automotive engineers senior intimating in a dark future for diesel engines over the next few years, especially within the smaller car types can be a premium, engineering cost of meeting the ‘real world’ missile completely new pollution test.

According to a report Reuters last week, Renault held senior management’s meeting at the beginning of the summer where he proposed in which further major investments in diesel engines for superminis along with most family hatches Megan Size You will have to come to an end before the end of in which decade.

in which can be believed in which the completely new test system due in 2019 means in which diesel engines “ultra-clean” can be no longer viable in financial terms for less expensive vehicles in which make up the majority of European sales for the brand.

These cost pressures make in which more likely in which the appropriate diesel engines can only be, installed in Megan more expensive types along with various other top vehicles pricier brand like Espace , according to Reuters


Autocar can be also a hybrid engineer working on shipping electric turbo technology, which also predicted in which the diesel engine eventually “become drivetrain premium vehicles.”

within the latest edition of the Journal of the internal technology Audi, apparently technical development manager Stefan Knirsch hint to a similar result.

In response to a question whether Audi diesel engines “gradually nearing the end of development options,” says Knirsch he was “still convinced diesel features a great artistic potential.” However, in which makes clear signal for the least expensive four-cylinder diesel can be being under threat.

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Source: Renault predicts death of diesel types before 2020

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