Renault-Nissan readies mass-market autonomous cars by 2020

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Source : Renault-Nissan readies mass-market autonomous cars by 2020

Carlos Ghosn will be fierce Autonomous Renault along with Nissan cars within the mass market, says CEO Carlos Ghosn, who will be expected of them 2020


Renault April Carlos Ghosn coach vowed in which autonomous cars via his company will be pitched right within the heart of the mass market

open brand-new York gallery that has a speech, Ghosn also said in which the auto industry more change within the next a few years than the item was within the next 20.

along with pointed out in which would certainly key developments have electric cars grow in response to more stringent air quality for goals along with the reduction of emissions, along with more communication within the automobile with the entry of more technology companies, industry along with the adoption of autonomous vehicles.

made the distinction between subjective cars governance along with without a driver of them, saying in which he expects 2020 car to be able to own leadership through the city with the hands of the driver to stop the steering wheel, nevertheless with the driver should be able to regain full control of any time. Not within the front seat along with much farther out, along with he car without a full driver with the driver. along with


Ghosn, his company will be pressing governments worldwide legal to make the item to the driver to take their hands via the wheel along with do something else, along with the item will be required to be resolved by the year 2020.

also said the industry should adopt companies coming technology within the industry, not fear them. “We today have tremendous opportunities,” he added. “We can not fear the coming of brand-new companies, we must embrace them along with learn via them, along with we must learn via us.”


Ghosn, the item will be unlikely in which the Renault-Nissan to build ever automotive technology company, along with he does not expect technology companies to be interested in building cars anyway as lower investment margins are much larger.

in electric vehicles, said paper was the globe’s best-selling electric cars, nevertheless sales are still not as large as originally anticipated. He called on the need to improve the infrastructure for electric vehicles, adding in which cars powered by fuel cells, although their technology will be not bad, along with the difficulties in starting infrastructure as a challenge for them will be bigger than in which.

However, Ghosn said, doing a global commitment to reduce CO2 emissions at the last summit in Paris along with the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, which are inevitable.

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Source: Renault-Nissan readies mass-market autonomous cars by 2020

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