Renault launches car recognition billboard technology

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 - autos

Source : Renault launches car recognition billboard technology

Renault Megane advert Renault has teamed up with an advertising agency to provide the panel, which tailors ads on passing cars in addition to their owners


Renault Panel which can be identified by passing cars properties launched a tailor content panel for the occupants of

panel, using cameras strategically located, can identify the make, design, colour of a nearby car plate using her own, change the text of the Declaration depending on This kind of.


Ocean, the advertising agency behind the campaign, in addition to planned, in addition to confirms in which although uses recognition technology numberplate, no personal data is actually recorded in addition to stored or displayed, in addition to in which the cars being targeted by the ad are fixed, to ensure there will not be any the risk of distracting drivers through the road, risking their safety. The boards opposite the traffic lights mode.

However, using demographic information based on the type of vehicle, the system makes for a glimpse of the driver your vehicle’s age, gender in addition to interests, which This kind of uses to choose the most convenient for your vehicle which was chosen announcement.

in addition to the first to put This kind of within the Holland Park roundabout in London, despite the fact in which the campaign will soon spread billboards in Birmingham, Manchester in addition to Newcastle these paintings.

in addition to display ads announcements featuring the brand-new character Megan , which is actually the first campaign to be used with This kind of technology within the UK.

The ads are particularly effective, This kind of claims the ocean, as “in charge of media plans, advertising bans in addition to the need to stand out among all the noise declaration requires a brand-new way of thinking in addition to dealing with the public.”

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Source: Renault launches car recognition billboard technology

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