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Renault Kwid Kwid Renault has the potential to destabilize the emerging automotive markets, nevertheless This particular does not mean its cost £ 3K This particular lacks substance? Doug REVOLTA pay down the Konkan coast in India to know


This particular’s 7:00 in addition to I’m staring at one of the most stunning examples of colonial architecture India has to offer.

central railway station in Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus), was built in 1877 in addition to is usually today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even at This particular hour, This particular’s bustling activity, with local residents began to travel This particular morning in addition to tourists, cameras out, taking pictures,

in front of the station, in addition to runs counter to a large position road test Autocar India, Rahul Kakar, is usually completely new Renault Kwid , hatchback which pricked up the ears of the auto industry worldwide, in addition to the skin of the Indian market in a fit of madness.

The main reason for the fuss which surrounds This particular, in addition to why I’m about to spend a day driving, the cost is usually rarely ratification. You can waltz in for Renault showroom in India, in addition to throw down the equivalent of about £ 3000 in addition to go out as the owner of Kwid. Yes, £ 3000 for a car brand completely new. With all four wheels. in addition to doors. This particular seems quite ridiculous, even in India, where a decent Tikka Masala costs only £ 1 in addition to only meager basic in addition to ultra Maruti Suzuki Alto in addition to Tata Nano is usually less expensive.

Unsurprisingly, the Kwid, Autocar India Car of the Year title, is usually selling at a rate of a staggering, with orders already crossing the 100,000 mark in just a few months. Even the base style Dacia Sandero , the cheapest completely new car from the United Kingdom, in addition to costs twice as much as a Kwid equivalent. Its cost is usually very Great to be true?

to learn, in addition to I took him on a tour of the whistle-stop of the monuments from the center of Mumbai before a short trip 100- mile south along the Konkan coast to the 15th century Murud- Janjira fort. Certainly, on a road trip like This particular will shed light on the shortcomings or show which they are the pride of Engineering.

time is usually of the essence. This particular has started out early in an attempt to avoid the worst of the traffic in Mumbai in all parts of the city. Kuldeep photographer Rahul Chaudhari ushers from the frame in addition to quickly takes some shots during the rare breaks are increasingly in traffic while you continue to monitor agitatedlooking police officers. Once Kuldeep is usually happy, we scramble to Kwid for face-to-face with the city wakes up in earnest in addition to turn the streets into the claws of a wide range of sweaty, queuing bumper to bumper.

Rahul bring your vehicle to the station, so This particular is usually once I was behind the wheel of Kwid, in addition to This particular’s hard not to be surprised.

This particular particular style is usually a completely new long-term test car Autocar India, which is usually the highest specifications RXT example with the 0.8-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine, 7.0in information in addition to entertainment system, touch screen, front in addition to trip computer, electric windows. Even with all which, This particular still costs less than £ 4000. nevertheless there is usually no time to sit back in addition to enjoy watching the value for money because, as I tend to adjust side mirrors, non-electric manually, I get honked enthusiastically in several taxi drivers keen for me to shake a leg.

I am fairly completely new to driving in India, so I’m glad which Rahul, who knows all the roads in This particular country like the back of his hand, in addition to I will have a navigator. “This particular’s more dangerous to stop at a red light through the drive through This particular,” he says, offering his first piece of advice. “No one cares about these traffic lights early from the morning.” This particular will be a long day.

Rahul guides me last station in addition to join the movement went to the Gateway of India we have a second photo opportunity This particular morning, in addition to initial impressions of Kwid encouraging. Steering is usually very light, which is usually helpful in these busy streets Incredibly, in addition to most of the century could easily learn with your thumb while holding the steering wheel. Air con works well, too, another necessity in Mumbai, where temperatures in winter day will exceed 30deg C.

three-pot engine chugs out 53bhp humble, very flat through low revs, does not definitely like some other joy, diesel equivalents do. Low-speed ride is usually very jerky, too, in addition to not thanks to the sensitive throttle which does not translate into a racy performance response. nevertheless the cost of your vehicle gives This particular a crucial caveat. Know how little This particular costs Bags disappointment certain aspects – such as hard plastic material from the cabin. Yes, they are of poor quality in addition to scratchy, nevertheless what do you expect? in addition to Walaalam is usually a tad slow to respond nevertheless otherwise fine, in addition to This particular goes some way to enhance the attractiveness of the cabin, which is usually surprisingly comfortable. Basically, anything which is usually not terribly like a strong impetus for your vehicle to be so cheap.

Thankfully, today, the roads are very clear, we make for the Gateway of India in just a few minutes, wincing my way through some red lights, thumb jammed century.

above the waterfront Apollo Bandar in addition to overlooking the Arabian Sea, the Gateway of India was built to welcome King George V in addition to Queen Mary in 1911, in addition to later served as a ceremonial gateway to in addition to through India to visit government officials. This particular’s the right place, then, to take some shots of your vehicle designed by the French Renault to announce the Indian car market, one of the known hard to crack.

import tax of 0% means which only cars built in India itself stand any real chance of achieving the prevailing sales success. This particular is usually, first in addition to foremost, why is usually very cheap Kwid. This particular is usually manufactured in India, where labor costs are part of the European countries, in addition to Renault claims to be the source of 98% of the parts of the country, only with the engine knock, connecting rods imported through abroad in addition to injection sensors.

when you also consider which there is usually a surcharge on long car more than four meters in addition to average wages in India are very low, has created This particular market using a voracious appetite for cheap, hatchback little, in addition to Kwid – compared to the Ford Fiesta in size – is usually an attempt to capitalize on Renault

after obtaining the footage we have through the gateway of India, we head to our last stop in Mumbai, in addition to Rajabai clock tower, which is usually a type. Of the Indian style of Big Ben, in addition to the sound of the engine rather than in a side street deserted by the tower was able to attract dozens or even stray dogs for more than a car.

pause to take pictures in addition to play with the dogs – I’ve had my jabs – in addition to, looking at your vehicle, in addition to we all agree which This particular is usually actually very beautiful. The chunky, SUV such as design hides the cost in addition to size of dinky, nevertheless its wheels 13in dwarfed by flared wheel arches which beg for larger rims in addition to hint at the possibility of your vehicle platform as well.

in addition to Kwid – developed by Renault Gerard Detourbet, which is usually the same man behind the Dacia line-up – is usually scheduled to be launched in Brazil, nevertheless not from the United Kingdom, although its architecture flexible in addition to cheap to reach our shores from the form. Status of Women in addition to Alosrh- A primary is usually a variant of the joint unit RenaultNissan Family (CMF) in addition to is usually likely to be used for several different types of the Centeng, such as cars in addition to little SUVs.

This particular’s today 9:00, in addition to the sun gives a taste of the fierce heat will be presenting throughout the day in addition to we are from the heart of rush hour in Mumbai. Fortunately, most of the traffic going from the opposite way for us, to the city, in addition to as we head to the National Highway road, I begin to appreciate the fact which the roads are a total free for all. nevertheless Kwid is usually the perfect companion, ducking in in addition to out of queues, in addition to perform tight maneuvers in addition to easily bypass many of the dilapidated vehicles on the road.

from the end, we escape the concrete jungle of Mumbai in addition to demonic cacophony of blaring horns, screeching tires in addition to chanting. The national highway, Kwid prove himself to be also not suitable horribly trips highway. This particular’s comfortable without 70mph only, though. Moreover, the lightness direction becomes clearer, in addition to the refinement of the poor in addition to the thrum aloud to rendering engine compartment noisy, in addition to you just can generally feel This particular appropriate much better piracy through traffic instead of chewing up the rapid-mile road.

we take the highway Panvel to Goa, heading towards Alibaug city on the coast, the landscape begins to fade through the smoggy, concrete gray to bright green leaves of the coconut rooted trees burntorange from the soil, with the Arabian Sea shimmering behind the temples, forts, beaches spread along the coast. Roads also change. Because of the congestion, the streets of a city which suffers through a hole from the road in addition to a means for, arcade sweeping the country’s long silk-like strips comparison.

they also provide a strong test in order to comment on Kwid brake, thanks unsignposted speed bumps which appear every few kilometers. They are like visual illusions, to become visible to the untrained eye only just before the crash. Kwid remains untroubled mechanically, though, in spite of the big shocks which are transmitted through the cabin, in addition to This particular is usually actually very fun to drive when we’re not braking brutal industry of pitfalls.

in addition to manual all 5-speed gearbox is usually precise enough in addition to 180mm ground clearance in addition to the longest Ohadh wheels help in its class to Kwid to deliver a smooth ride, given the poor state of the roads. Guidance, particularly the involvement of little in addition to the tires do not provide a great deal of grip from the corners faster, nevertheless your vehicle still feels somewhat zingy in addition to graceful, in addition to the benefit of a tiny weight 670kg them.

However, the measures to save weight on Kwid come at a cost. This particular means testing standards outdated crash in India which many of the cars on the road have to protect the integrity lower than which of the European products. Highlight safety equipment in addition to Kwid is usually an airbag for the driver, for example. This particular is usually optional. You can not even set the airbag for the passenger. Instead, you can get three glove boxes – Yes, three. Even driving on the roads to collect hair in India, where they are routinely avoid crashes by millimeter, feel about as safe as strutting through the Sacred in mankini.

in addition to despite some close calls with trucks, Kwid remains unscathed, in addition to even a little engine – said to be more efficient from the country, with 70mpg claimed – allows us to excel without a lot of fuss on the roads of the country. This particular says a lot about the vehicles we overtaking …

through the city of Alibaug, we head for Kashid – stopping briefly on a deserted beach in Nagaon so Rahul in addition to I can conduct a thorough examination of the Kwid by doing turn the handbrake from the sand – in addition to pick up some coconut feeding. Kuldeep grateful for the chance to stretch his legs. This particular’s not very complimentary about the rear seat space, nevertheless Ford Fiesta-beating 300-liter boot has easily swallowed his camera equipment.

we get from the end Murud after lunch in addition to found a pier overlooking Nazif’s MurudJanjira fort at sea, giving us fire our ultimate goal, in addition to refers to the end of our southern trip.

come back early from the evening, exhausted through 12 hours before the stressful roads from the cabin noisy, nevertheless I’m not sick of the sight of Kwid. On the contrary, in fact. This particular has safety flaws in addition to obvious, nevertheless This particular’s a great car with lots of character in addition to quality which defies its cost point, which Renault is usually capable of matching Maruti Suzuki to own their own game on home turf appears.

How CMF evolution -A platform in Europe will be interesting to see – SUV cheap can reach from the end – in addition to if This particular taste of cars Budget anything to go by, This particular can auto market entry-level be in for a big shock

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Source: Renault Kwid road trip: down the Konkan coast

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