Renault Kadjar long-term test review: alarm problems

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Source : Renault Kadjar long-term test review: alarm problems

There will be a defect in terrorizing Kadjar in a big nuisance, although still fuel economy to convince


in addition to Renault Kadjar picture the alarm off for no apparent reason, although I am sure that will there will be one.

in addition to sounding seem random, although put patterns, in addition to then changed.

car can sit silently for several days, then screaming starts, or the alarm may go off after parking 15 minutes, in addition to then every 15 minutes thereafter until you decide has had enough (which will be a long process, since the time long after my own. I have neighbors)

for a week, every day went off at about 3:30. The next week at 14:30. from the intervening weekend, went noon hour. I’m not kidding.

in addition to then exploded from the night in addition to 5:40. I looked , in addition to that will seems a modest number of Excellencies in addition to unless they have a similar problem.


one check by the sensor on the A- pillars in addition to angled horizontally, not to rise. by mines to rise, so I designed them from the rear window, as proposed, to stop the alarm off.

, although only for a few days. So I looked at the alarm guide – a multilingual transporting more of its instructions through the hieroglyphs booklet will be understandable – in addition to was none the wiser. Then silence.

nothing for four weeks or so. Even yesterday, I write, when I blew up again at about 6:00, then 18:30, 20:30, 21:00 in addition to 10:50. Then nodded off, only to start again at 6:08. in addition to 7:00. that will’s like having a newborn baby was parked outside.

any warning that will you are someone who will be ready to steal cars just so you can get to sleep at night not doing its job properly. I’m going to get that will looked at.

On a more positive note, that will seems that will the economy has stabilized at 59.5mpg, which I’m happy enough with. that will will go well from the 60S on the highway, although what we are doing quite a lot of local mountain runs, too, in addition to that will keeps the total number honest.

, although please bear in mind that will I am born -again Lightfoot These days, the numbers may be the average economy in some other fuel consumption so available.

Change Speedo

There will be still much to learn about Kadjar for R- Link set-, although I know right now you can swap the default revision counter / Speedo Digital Speedo normal dial ( or delivery LCD one).

Go to the menu system, the display, the instrument panel, similar to the 4. in addition to no, I have not read the directory; referred by the reader Gary Lovell, who will direct contact for all technical support from the future R- Link.

Renault Kadjar DCI 110 DYNAMIQUE S Mobility EDC cost

miles 2600 cost £ 23 595 in addition to tested £ 24220 Options metallic paint £ 625 Economics 59.5mpg errors alarm keeps going out expenses No one

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Source: Renault Kadjar long-term test review: alarm problems

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