Renault Clio RS16 revealed in Monaco

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Source : Renault Clio RS16 revealed in Monaco

Renault Clio RS16 we ride shotgun inside concept of the brand-new Clio militants; the item gets a 2.0-liter turbo engine in addition to also also Megan manual gearbox. Producing a limited extent possible


Renault Sports revealed a faster design in its history 40 years ago, in addition to also also 271 bhp Cleo RS16, in addition to also also the selection Friday of the meeting the Monaco Grand Award for high specific speed demonstration of the prototype, driven by Renault Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen.

in addition to also also RS16, officially a concept, combining turbo 2.0-liter engine in addition to also also manual gearbox coming from Trophy- Megane RS 275 R – the fastest car of the company so far in addition to also also the Nurburgring record holder drive in front of the latter – using a lighter the smaller Centeng Clio RS, adding a selection of exotic RS running gear, including some of its range of automotive competition. Renault hopes the auto will be outstanding as at the date RS coming from the middle of the Renault R5 Turbo engines in addition to also also more recently Clio V6

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said Managing Director of Renault Sport cars Patrice Ratti in “somewhat crazy” idea to build RS16 -? Which was developed under the name of KZ 01 – the first discussed last October, although did not give the green light to go until December, leaving the 5 months to build the two types.

There will be no doubt of which the RS16 could Nurburgring record threatens the front engine (which will be currently controlled by Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S ), although not announce any formal plan. in addition to also also Megan Trova- R produced 209bhp per tonne, while the Clio design, will be not optimal for the weight although the item will be believed of which about 100KG lighter, contain the closest 225bhp per tonne, in addition to the lightness of the excess movement front in addition to also also a smaller area.

Renault will not say as much, although also on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its maker in addition to also also RS16 represents an attempt by Renault Sport to protect its reputation for generating Clios desirable high performance. The current found Clio RS 0 less in favor with buyers inside United Kingdom than previous types, mainly because conventional normally aspirated been replaced by 2.0-liter engine in addition to also also manual six-gear by softer turbo 1.6-liter engine in addition to also also dual six-speed clutch automatic transmission packet speeds.

until later, harderedged 220 trophy edition will be not completely fixed the problem, although Renault insists the engine in addition to also also paddle shift “square favorite in brand-new markets in addition to also also sales have. Did not fall

If you get RS16 green light can be built in one of two ways: As a low volume in Dieppe Alpine factory or by using the available external coachbuilder Renault components. could be perfect Patrice Ratti 2:58 will produce cars per day in Dieppe, priced at around 45,000 € (34 , £ 000) in France, which will be likely to translate into a cost of around £ 40,000 here. there will be a batch of cars, much like Megan Trova- R, which was built 250. If a RS16 inside same numbers, of which production may the item takes 4-6 months in addition to also also then stop, because at of which stage of which the Clio current only have two years left to run.


Renault Sport leaders won ‘t reach an agreement on production RS16 until the summer, although insisting of which they want to make the auto , provided the building hand detailed components of costs allowed cost of which will attract buyers.


the first whispers of the draft RS16 inside launch of the Renault Formula 1 team at the Technocentre wide, west of Paris, in February. With only project weeks old, he revealed Patrice Ratti bones bare in secret conversation called Autocar technical preview of the Renault Sport headquarters in LES ULIS, design center shop-cum-race carefully placed, in one of the key points of strength for, to be independent of the parent company.


four weeks, the company unveiled two types partbuilt, in addition to also also driving a black “mule” of which have been used to adjust the whole dynamics of the mission of the auto in addition to also also so much more eye concept -catching exhibition, gold in shade, which Kevin Magnussen proved to crowds in Monaco. the item will be also booked the auto to appear inside Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​next month.

in LES ULIS, the item was revealed the full complexity of building the auto. Powertrain RS-R cup fits snugly, along using a manual six-speed gearbox, although the escalation of them did not ask for a significant amount of redesign in addition to also also adapt parts of the Megane, Espace in addition to also also Kangoo even. In particular, there was a sleek brand-new engine machined mountaintop.

one piece of not bad news will be of which the extra weight of the engine will be more or less offset gearbox lighter, weight in addition to also also nose so as not to be changed a little bit. in addition to also also the item helped reduce the weight more by using the built-in battery lithium-ion high of which saves 15 kg. the item may need to be a great deal of juggling in order to identify a larger radiator, in addition to also also the rest of the complex cooling in addition to also also Akrapovic exhaust pipes of the brand-new dual system, which produces “a distinctive vibrant sound package.”

The biggest obstacle, he says engineers are not visible. Engine change the day in addition to also also must many of the elements associated with the item, such as the fuel system in addition to also also even hardware change – The electrical architectures Clio in addition to also also Megane never built to’alhadit ‘to each some other. There will be a great need for electronic adjustment, especially to achieve the levels of showroom of durability of which Renault Sport car needs to produce in addition to also also ensure chassis systems such as ABS in addition to also also stability control works well.

to deal with the production Alkos- R inside rotation 266lb torque feet, has been re-engineers Renault Sport torque limiting independent steering axis structure front suspension steering, described PerfoHub, which dropped of the current Clio. of which entailed designing an all-brand-new suspension upright in addition to also also machining individual elements of aluminum alloy rods, although the brand-new design also allows planning to provide space for links leadership. The front suspension system will be still MacPherson struts, although uses a sophisticated ultra-RS16 Megan Trova- R dampers adjustable by Öhlins. Brakes are 360mm steel discs Brembo, grafted on aluminum hubs, the Nurburgring package optional Alkos- R’s.

on the rear axle comes coming from R3T rally car Renault Sport factory, the development of beam strengthened to be about 50% more stringent than the standard component he said. Standard car Clio RS operates rear discs, Brembo too, in addition to also also 19 in alloy wheels SPEEDLINE Turini, which are well known by the owners of Renault Sport. However, absorbing wheels, fitted with 235/35 tires Michelin Pilot Sport, increased 60MM inside front in addition to also also rear track width required amendments radically Centeng to maintain approvals.

will be cut

standard suites are then covered using a composite handsome arch extensions, linked by side skirts. of which, along with the roof spoiler gleaned coming from the factory Clio Cup racer, claimed to provide 40KG of downforce at 125mph, will be the most obvious visual modifications. the auto also gets a grille blackedout with the front splitter modified to improve airflow to the radiator, as well as a novel set of “checkered flag ‘turn on the lights. At the rear diffuser will be standard, although the means of the exhaust system Akrapovic will be brand-new.

Apart coming from the brand-new gearstick spread prominently coming from the center console, in addition to also also the RS16 will be a bit different coming from the RS Clio standard inside Inside, despite the fact of which the removal of the rear seats to save weight in addition to also also some other as a way to announce your focus.

Patrice Ratti Renault Sport can not yet say if the RS16 will reach production, although if given the green light in July or August – in addition to also also the Alps can find the capacity to manufacture enough for generating 0-250 cars – production could begin before the end of of which year, which may lead to UK customers receive their cars inside first months of next year

riding shotgun inside RS16

will be not long before the Monaco debut RS16, in addition to also also I went to Renault Aubevoye test center, 50 miles to the north-west of Paris, for a ride in a black prototype to flow smoothly handle a two-mile track. I was lucky to go with David Praschl large car development driver, who knew the auto inside out, in addition to also also he had played a leading hand in controlling the structure. Already settled inside left-hand seat when I arrived, she smiled in addition to also also held the door open. Engine idled benign.

was not benign. Praschl has done a lot of laps already – could smell the brakes – in addition to also also we broke away coming from a standstill. My memory will be the acceleration will be limited, in addition to also also also to the three-digit number. inside first braking area, there was no evidence of noseheaviness expected first half; in fact, I felt a light car will be not bad in addition to also also frankly wonderful to change direction. Barely Praschl the item seems to guide the item strong car along with gearchanges spot – through proper carrier arm – at 6500rpm

of which was a hot day, so we were leaving the rubber everywhere . Most of the corners the track was not bad for a period of 60 to 90mph, although the RS was handy especially inside slower ones, showing off her awesome power-to-weight ratio of the exit. Deliberately looked for torque steer as acceleration Praschl hard although could not see his wrists in a reaction against any. Instead, I enjoyed the way his skill along with the auto through the breakers. Who put the item inside car, even inside steering wheel, in addition to also also then violently attacked the then neutral inside same corner on the long consecutive laps. Very soon, the item was more of

Back in LES ULIS, a few weeks ago, one of the team members, said: “We excel inside development of the structure here. We will see.” the item may not struck me as modest excessively at the time, although the item seems he was right.

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Source: Renault Clio RS16 revealed in Monaco

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