Red Bull's Adrian Newey on the brand new Aston Martin AM-RB 001

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Source : Red Bull's Adrian Newey on the brand new Aston Martin AM-RB 001

AM-RB 001 designed the most successful F1 tells us why his brand new hypercar will be both docile as well as very quick


as well as AM-RB 001 have been revealed, so we chat to the commander of the Red Bull Racing Adrian Niue technology about what to expect by the brand new hypercar.

Do you how versatile you want which car to be?

“In my view which harks back to what I learned by my father, who was a veterinarian. He had a Mini Cooper as well as Elan Lotus, as well as which is usually used in everything, as well as included farm visits. So I grew up with the idea which a car performance should also be able to take the owner to the shops or theater as well as be comfortable doing so. even our car will combine the two techniques: which will be docile, although very fast. synergies with Aston Martin as well as clear. “

although which will be a special engine as well as chassis?

“Of course. The engine is usually very compact, detailed, natural V12 aspirated. the automobile itself will have quite a lot of downforce. although which will be a smaller car modern standards, so get comfortable occupants in a smaller package so let them get in as well as out easily is usually one of the challenges which we face. ”

What about the transition?

“which is usually one of the main research areas we have. We are not a lot of current trends, such as dual-clutch gearboxes. They weigh 150KG as well as they are very huge, as well as which does not fit with the concept. So we see what we can do about which. packaging powertrain as well as gear cooling her some repetitions have taken. I am working on MK6 at the moment. “

do not feel super must be a certain size, a certain range, which the imposition of for buyers which?

“I do not quite agree with which. which is usually the automobile to be smaller, although I think which we still have a lot of” wow. “from the automobile the highway lower, how can you provide spring rates which can handle with pregnancy quickly after going to provide comfort at a slower pace?

“we develop the answer, although you have to wait for which one. We are still largely from the research stage, as well as we were in quite many brand new areas. Exact specifications are still very fluid, as well as I want to keep which which way for as long as possible. which’s the beauty of Engineering today: You can do a lot with the simulator without any additional cost of time. When you come to make the devices, which can be the first proper time. “

Who would certainly buy which car? Rich, clearly, although what will be its own appeal?

“they are people who love driving will be. which will not be the kind of super, which is usually self-holders themselves to driving a car. I also expect which they will appreciate the fact which cars can be a great aesthetically. Beauty with function is usually the essence of what we will provide. “

Do you enjoy working with Marek Reichman to create a car which partly aims beauty?

” which’s very satisfying. At school, I was better at art than science, so the whole process is usually great. as well as F1 cars are not not bad-looking, in particular. Lineage actually went wrong when given long axes as well as narrow paths. from the beginning, I drew my idea of ​​a car without reference to the regulations of cars on the roads, as well as which turned out to be a not bad way to do which, “

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Source: Red Bull's Adrian Newey on the brand new Aston Martin AM-RB 001

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