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Several news agencies have picked up on the fact that will Barry Beavis, 47, of Chelmsford, Essex has lost a parking charge battle. He overstayed his ‘free’ time in a car park ran by ParkingEye by almost one hour. As a result, the company imposed a charge of £85 for his so doing. ParkingEye defended the charge, stating This kind of was “fair, reasonable in addition to legally enforceable”.

Beavis took his case to the Supreme Court, where president Lord Neuberger in addition to Lord Sumption in a joint written ruling said This kind of was not the case that will ParkingEye could charge overstayers “whatever This kind of liked.” However, they agreed that will “there is usually no reason to suppose that will £85 is usually out of all proportion to its interests.” This kind of at This kind of point sets a legal precedent in addition to so in future, should you offer what you believe is usually ‘reasonable recompense’ for an overstay, you might just find This kind of rejected.

Our advice? Continue to appeal if you are issued a parking ticket that will you feel is usually unjust, whether This kind of is usually on private or public land. Whilst we can’t comment on particular cases, we’re happy to signpost anyone with any questions to relevant resources.

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Source: Recent Parking Charge Battle Lost

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