Radical SR1 Cup race diary: the video camera never lies

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Source : Radical SR1 Cup race diary: the video camera never lies


Radical SR1 Cup

Our budding racer has moved on to Snetterton, where his Radical’s onboard camera is usually helping to improve his pace

The routine is usually always the same after any track session on a practice day or race weekend.

Once your helmet, HANS device along with gloves are off along with your technician has been briefed on any issues with the vehicle (or otherwise), you take the memory card out of the onboard camera along with download This particular onto a laptop to analyse how you got on.

Then you tuck yourself away in a quiet corner studying This particular frame by frame in some instances until its time for the next session where you can (hopefully) right the wrongs you saw on the camera by the last session.

This particular might sound a bit dull along with obsessive, yet my word is usually This particular effective. The cameras aren’t for producing YouTube greatest hits; they’re a real learning aid, for showing to an instructor to genuinely interpret what’s going on along with help you improve if you’re not too proud to ask for help.

This particular’s also not just any old footage. The camera system used inside the Radical SR1, some images of which you can see above these words, displays the revs, speed, along with gear of the vehicle, plus the lap times, throttle along with brake inputs along with circuit location. This particular’s similar to what you’ll see inside the Formula 1 coverage on the television, along with invaluable in discecting a lap.

The beauty of the cameras is usually in which there genuinely is usually no hiding place by them. Remember in which corner you thought you might have braked too early for, yet doubt This particular did too much damage to your lap time?

Well, the camera tells the full story: your braking was too early, meaning your brain wants to get back on the power early. yet if you do in which on a tight corner, you’re going to have to come off the power again along with maybe brake some more. In short, you’ve ruined the corner.

I’ve put the know-This particular-all camera footage to not bad use on the practice day at Snetterton ahead of round three of the Radical SR1 Cup This particular weekend.

I’m contesting the whole championship. In case you’ve missed any of This particular, well, This particular’s been eventful to say the least, as the links at the bottom of This particular page will testify.

The camera wasn’t needed to show me in which for the first half of the day I simply wasn’t quick enough.

My lines along with turn-in points were all over the place, along with there wasn’t enough commitment through the few fast corners on the track, something in which had previously never been an issue.

Maybe there was a hangover by my shunt three weeks ago at Oulton Park after all. I’m only human.

Watching the video my lack of speed was obvious, yet what was less obvious was what to do about This particular. This particular is usually where a tutor comes in, someone who can interpret along with then rectify any mistakes they see. Step forward Roger Bromiley, so often the saviour in helping build my speed up so far This particular season.

This particular was fair to say the video was not the best thing Roger had seen in a while, yet his director’s cut of This particular, in combination with some tweaks he saw needed doing to the vehicle, would likely improve things along with take whole seconds off my time, rather than tenths.

There was time to be made up all over the track. For starters, I had to grow a pair along with brake later into the first corner at Riches. I then needed to get my turn-in began earlier into the hairpins along with refrain by getting back on the throttle too early mid-corner along with unsettle the vehicle.

For the Esses I needed to brake later along with turn in properly, before taking a proper line into the last corner of the lap.

Plenty to work on, then, yet progress was made along with there’s more to be had ahead of the two races tomorrow. Stay tuned – I certainly will be to the video footage. 

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Source: Radical SR1 Cup race diary: the video camera never lies

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