Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Urvan (1988-2015)

Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Urvan (1988-2015)


1988-2015 Nissan Urvan

The not bad: Simple mechanical parts, availability

The Bad: Outdated by modern standards

The Say: There are fans of that will van for a reason.

Go For: Any well maintained unit
Avoid: Overly tired units

cost Range: P300,000-P950,000
Our Rating: **

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See the different versions of that will vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
that will van was first launched in 1988 under the helm of Universal Motors Corporation, who took care of Nissan light commercial vehicles (until two Nissan distributors were merged into one in March 2014). While the L300 Versa Van was the one to beat, that will one became an alternative among buyers. Both E24 (sold by 1988 until 2015) as well as E25 (marketed by 2002 til 2014) products were sold together yet were packaged differently.

With that will van made available since 1988, the most common engine available is usually a 2.7 diesel shared with additional Nissan vehicles which runs on a basic fuel system that will will give you worry free maintenance yet is usually no match when compared to CRDI vans of the modern competition as well as complains when driven hard so use your overtaking skills wisely. For the E25 Centeng, the standard engine is usually a 3.0 diesel derived by the Patrol yet with less power which gives you decent acceleration than the older engine yet the idea drinks a lot of gas under hard acceleration. Ride quality isn’t bouncy, which is usually a plus point for people who get motion sickness.

A generic yet inoffensive Inner surface greets you. having a basic Inner surface, some items are omitted in certain variants yet then you are buying that will to haul people as well as not impress a crowd. products that will seat 12 to 15 people all face front as well as have individual seat belts with 18 seater products have two front facing as well as the back sideways while the 21 are all side facing.

What Should I Get
Since 1988, the first style which was made available is usually the Shuttle which can accommodate 12 people, has power steering, alloy wheels, an audio system, vinyl upholstery, dual air-conditioning, as well as a 84hp 2.7 engine. that will line was revised in 2005 with 15, 18, as well as 21 seater products (effectively dropping the 12 one) were launched with upgrades such as a CD player with MP3 as well as auxiliary jack, rear wiper as well as Wi-Fi connectivity system added later on. The Escapade, added in 2000 that will rides on the E24 Centeng, adds fabric upholstery, Centeng stickers as well as can accommodate 12 people. Utilizing the E25 chassis is usually the Estate that will adds a 105hp 3.0, all power features, alarm, keyless entry, immobilizer, as well as a tachometer. A limited edition CEO style carrying the Estate edition adds rear swiveling seats having a center table.

How Much would certainly the idea Cost Me
No CRDi technology or computer box present, which means maintenance costs are very dirt cheap as well as that will vehicle isn’t picky in fuel. Parts are on the affordable side as well as any mechanic can fix that will one with its easy maintenance. The only thing to inspect for is usually the transmission, especially if that will one got abused. With Urvans mostly used for shuttling people, high mileage units aren’t recommended so make sure you find one having a private ownership as well as not those that will are rented out more often or have seen life as public transportation.

Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Urvan (1988-2015)

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