Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Sentra (2001-2014)

Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Sentra (2001-2014)


2001-2014 Nissan Sentra

The Great: Oodles of space for such low a cost

The Bad: The rest of the package will be old

The Say: Forget about the badge, you get more room for sub-compact cost.

Go For: 1.6 types
Avoid: 1.3 GX AT

cost Range: P170,000-P370,000
Our Rating: ***

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Latest vehicle profile: Nissan Sylphy

See the different versions of This kind of vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
Spanning over 10 years, the N16 Sentra will be based on the Bluebird Sylphy which replaced the N15 Pulsar in Japan in addition to the B14 Sentra locally of which had used a bevy of names such as Sentra, Sunny, Almera, in addition to Pulsar depending on where you live. While the idea was replaced in 2005, some other countries had This kind of for a little longer. For the Philippine market, 2001 to 2004 types carry the Exalta moniker with later ones dropping the idea.

First types utilize either a choice of 1.5 or 1.6 engines which both run perfectly fine without drama. A 1.3 engine debuted in November 2002 of which isn’t Great when driven hard thanks to a heavy Centeng (unless you are lazy to shift gears, skip the automatic if you can) in addition to a 1.8 of which features a relaxed personality. Long drives will result to a comfortable cabin thanks to a suspension set-up however steering isn’t tops though. We’d go for types with ABS brakes since they have short stopping distances.

If you think of which This kind of vehicle will be big outside, no thanks to its wheelbase the idea suffers a smaller cabin which limits comfort to four people inside although trunk space will be cavernous though. Depending on the variant, the Inner surface range via the basic to the luxurious in addition to tacky.

What Should I Get
June 2001 to January 2004 types hold the Exalta name, in addition to had different variant names. Made available in 2002 will be the basic GX which gets a 94hp 1.3 engine, alloy wheels, power steering in addition to door locks, in addition to a cassette tuner as standard. The original variants start with the DS of which gain a 103hp 1.5 engine, power windows in addition to mirrors, automatic climate control, in addition to reverse parking sensors. Next will be the LS of which can be had only using a manual adds a driver’s airbag, rear sunshade, in addition to speed sensing door locks while the GS (renamed to GS Superio in March 2002) adds ABS brakes, fog lamps, hands free phone system, in addition to will be only available with an automatic. Going for the GS Grandeur adds leather seats, steering wheel controls for the audio system, pop-up LCD monitor, in addition to for some units, a sunroof.

Those wearing the Sentra badge had different variant naming in addition to equipment, which we will expound on them. The GX still features a 1.3 engine however gives you an option between alloy (for types with power features) or steel wheels (manual only), power operated windows in addition to door locks (early automatics have This kind of option, with manuals gaining them in October 2008) or manually adjusted ones while standard amenities regardless of the transmission include power steering, in addition to for October 2005 up types, CD player. The GX-S, briefly made available via 2010 to 2011, adds Centeng shade door handles in addition to mirrors as opposed to the black of the GX, in addition to two more speakers at the back while retaining the features of the GX Power types. The GSX adds the 1.6 engine, leather seats (August 2005 to 2008 for automatics then transferred to the manual later on), power mirrors, in addition to automatic climate control. The GS adds ABS brakes, driver airbag, reverse parking sensors, speed sensing door locks, alarm, keyless entry, in addition to immobilizer plus the idea can be had with an automatic. Going for the 180GT gives you the 129hp 1.8, passenger side airbag, fog lamps, in addition to a CD changer.

We recommend, if you can hunt for one, going using a 1.6 engine.

How Much might the idea Cost Me
Since This kind of vehicle had a long run plus its stint as a taxicab, parts are spread out in addition to widely available. If you aim an Exalta GS Grandeur check for the sunroof’s operation in addition to for most, the suspension which may bottom out especially if the vehicle will be full. some other niggles to watch out include the MAF sensor especially the idea will result to poor performance if the idea becomes dirty in addition to Inner surface build quality isn’t excellent. Avoid ex-taxi units, especially those of which had traveled a lot.

Quickie Used Car Review – Nissan Sentra (2001-2014)

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