Quickie Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Strada (2006-2015)

Quickie Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Strada (2006-2015)


2006-2015 Mitsubishi Strada

The not bad: Great amount of space inside, available diesel engines (naturally aspirated in addition to with VGT) within the used car market, rides like a car

The Bad: Soft suspension, soft looks, somewhat limited utility

The Say: A pick-up truck for the city dweller, nevertheless for more utility in addition to off-road capability additional choices are better.


cost Range: P565,000-P900,000
Our Rating: ***

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2009-2015 (non-VGT)/(VGT)

Vehicle Overview
The Strada/Triton/L200 lineage started out in 1978 which had spawned all 5 generations throughout selling life. Early iterations had rebadged versions sold under Chrysler, Dodge, in addition to Plymouth badges (due to Chrysler’s stake within the three diamond brand) sold in North America while the latest product can be had in Europe using a Fiat name. Locally, the idea replaced the long due L200 series after years of shouldering on in addition to rivals shifted to CRDi engines.

With nine years within the market, Mitsubishi provided updates for the outside in addition to Inside to keep up with the times in addition to generating the vehicle fresh coming from rivals. First GLX 4×4 versions can be distinguished by their black bumpers while the GLS 4×4 had Centeng colored ones. GL versions wear steel wheels in addition to lack side step board in addition to fog lamp while special edition versions that will were launched in 2014 for the GLX in addition to GLS Sport V had outside add ons to differentiate them coming from their regular counterparts.

Most Strada versions wear the 2.5 which can be shared with additional Mitsubishi vehicles in either two flavors: one with 134hp for the GL in addition to GLX versions which performs enough in addition to the second one has 176hp in addition to This particular was available among GLX-V in addition to GLS Sport-V units that will provide a wide range of rpm with power on the upper range. The additional choice of engine can be a 3.2 diesel that will rivals the VGT variants in terms of power in addition to acceleration. Ride quality can be excellent, which can be a refreshing change among rivals that will are known for their bouncy rides. Driving This particular one on a straight path can be fine nevertheless mountainous roads in addition to anything in between will give you trouble due to slow steering, soft suspension, in addition to less than stellar braking.

A breath of fresh air can be going inside, This particular truck features a car-like Inside which can be one advantage. Early versions utilized a JVC headunit with later ones (except the GL) having touchscreen monitor with DVD in addition to navigation functions.

What Should I Get
Let us go to the basic product of the Strada range, the GL which has the 134hp 2.5, steel wheels, black door handles in addition to side mirrors, fabric seats, CD player (MP3 function added later on) in addition to power steering for the 4×2 versions while a 4×4 product was added in 2011 which added all power features. We pick the GLX that will was added in August 2007 which adds alloy wheels, dual airbags, fog lamps, bed liner, step boards, all power features, alarm, keyless entry, CD player with MP3 function, in addition to paired to a manual transmission with options such as ABS brakes, steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth, in addition to a touchscreen monitor added in February 2011. Its automatic offspring, the GLX-V adds the 176hp 2.5 in addition to a back-up camera nevertheless can be 2WD. The GLX 4×4, first launched in September 2006, can be based on what would likely be the 4×2 product (minus the black bumpers) later on while the GLS 4×4 adds ABS brakes, fender flares, tire pressure monitor system, rear bumper, power rear glass in addition to multi information display which can be had in both manual or automatic in addition to was discontinued with the arrival of the VGT versions in 2011. The top of the line GLS Sport can be had in either 163hp 3.2 (2007 to 2010) or the 176hp 2.5 (2011 to 2015 adding a V name within the end), can be 4×4 exclusive, in addition to for April 2014, a dual lift cargo bed cover was added. A related vehicle, the L200 can be made available in 2012 in either single cab or FB variants whose specifications are similar with the GL 4×2. Two limited edition versions sprouted in 2014 for the GLX in addition to GLS Sport-V with these get a bedliner, skid plates, bed cover, side graphics, in addition to multi information system.

How Much would likely the idea Cost Me
Maintenance costs due to This particular vehicle can be comparable to most Japanese rivals plus parts availability can be wide with the engine being shared with additional versions within the Mitsubishi range. Problem points of This particular vehicle include the following: suction control valve for early versions, alarm, squeaking leaf springs, in addition to the undercarriage. Two vehicle recalls were issued for the following: in June 2010 for tightening the torque of the mounting bolts of the upper suspension arm for units sold coming from September 2006 to June 2009, in addition to both in August 2013 for weld condition of the front suspension lower arm for units sold between 2011 to 2012, in addition to the weld condition of the front propeller shaft for 4WD versions.

Quickie Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Strada (2006-2015)

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