Quickie Used Car Review – Honda Civic (2001-2005)

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Quickie Used Car Review – Honda Civic (2001-2005)


2001-2005 Honda Civic

The Great: Cavernous cabin, peppy as well as fuel efficient engines

The Bad: Cheapo Inner surface trim

The Say: Does not contain the driving excitement of its elder generations however is actually a great family car.

Go For: 1.6 VTi-S
Avoid: 1.5 LXi

cost Range: P180,000-P310,000
Our Rating: ****

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See the different versions of This kind of vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
The seventh generation Civic saw numerous improvements which included a size bump to compact category, a flat rear floor for the comfort of rear seat passengers, as well as the usage of a McPherson strut, which ditched the double wishbone setup used in previous versions. While This kind of one became more mature, This kind of one became “disappointing” for some Honda loyalists.

Utilizing carryover engines coming from the previous type (the SIR’s 1.6 isn’t available, though), the 1.5 shows its life at 3,000rpm as well as can carry the heavy Centeng while the common 1.6 has more power on the lower end as well as is actually more relaxed, as well as a 2.0 whose trait is actually a smooth delivery to the top. Driving experience is actually Great with precise steering as well as excellent braking (for versions with ABS brakes) however going to road bumps tends to bottom up your vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, the Inner surface became roomier than the previous type with the rear passenger within the middle need not to dangle his/her legs. Controls are easy to reach within the driver however cheap plastic materials come standard among low versions.

What Should I Get
Offered coming from 2001 until 2004, the LXI gives you a 108hp 1.5 engine, all power features, alloy wheels, AM/FM tuner with CD player added in a 2003 update, This kind of rather basic variant is actually best skipped because of This kind of generation of This kind of Civic. Aim for versions having the 128hp 1.6 engine which starts with the VTI of which adds CD tuner as well as for facelift versions, alarm, keyless entry, as well as MP3 function. Our pick is actually the VTI-S of which adds vital items such as ABS brakes, dual airbags, as well as fog lamps (2003 as well as above). Introduced in 2004 is actually a 153hp 2.0 which adds a larger engine as well as can be ordered with either fabric or leather seats. A special edition RS type was introduced in September 2002 which has the specifications of the VTI-S however available in black as well as having a manual transmission plus only a few units are available.

How Much would certainly of which Cost Me
For a 15 year old vehicle, This kind of one would certainly give you plenty of parts access while maintenance costs are on par with Japanese rivals. While you have to worry about the air conditioning unit, This kind of car was involved in numerous recalls for the following issues: a fuel tank which isn’t tightened in 2005, passenger airbags for 2001 to 2002 VTI-S in August 2010 as well as April 2013, as well as for front airbags in July 2014.

Quickie Used Car Review – Honda Civic (2001-2005)

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