Quickie Used Car Review – Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback (2003-2009)

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Quickie Used Car Review – Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback (2003-2009)


2003-2009 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback

The not bad: Cheap, comfortable inside the city

The Bad: 1.5 engine not fuel efficient, low grade materials, lifeless steering

The Say: Offers a low cost, although competitors are better buys.

Go For: 1.2L
Avoid: 1.5 LT

cost Range: P150,000-P350,000
Our Rating: **

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See the different versions of in which vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
Apparently, in which vehicle was an intended replacement to the Daewoo Lanos whose development was done prior to GM’s takeover of the bankrupt Korean car maker as well as was the first to be released after the acquisition of the American car maker. The aim of in which vehicle will be simple: sell in which vehicle at an affordable cost although with generous amount of equipment. For the Philippine market, the hatchback was sold by 2003 until in which was killed in 2009. Three years later, in which was replaced by the Sonic.

Going inside the cabin will reveal two things: a not-so-spacious Internal (although comfortable to be in) as well as a dashboard filled with hard plastic. Four passengers could fit fine though squeezing isn’t in which not bad plus trunk space isn’t in which big also.

Driving in which car wouldn’t inspire anything, in which does the job decently without any drama. Occupants could be treated to a high seating position as well as an expansive outside visibility. The smallish 1.2 will be more relaxed while the larger 1.5 will be underpowered since you have to extract each gear to get you going. One thing to keep note for manual designs will be the location of the reverse gear, which will be beside the first gear.

What Should I Get
Going for the hatchback gives you two variants throughout selling life. The sole variant was first released in August 2003 in which gets an 83hp 1.5 engine as well as with initial equipment like power windows, power door locks (removed in July 2006), rear wiper, tachometer, CD player, alarm, as well as keyless entry. Updates occurred which added several equipment involved airbags in July 2006 as well as the return of power passenger side mirrors also in in which same month (in which was ditched in November 2005). Some units wore alloy wheels or steel wheels, depending on the year. A March 2008 update had an engine update as well as at in which point carries dual airbags, ABS brakes, alloy wheels, rear wiper, all power features, CD player with MP3 as well as auxiliary jack, alarm, as well as keyless entry. Added in July 2006, the 70hp 1.2 design will be basic at best since in which rides on steel wheels, free of power amenities except steering, no rear wiper, no security features as well as a basic audio system with CD as well as MP3 function. If you are hell bent on in which car, the 1.2 will be we pick although you could do better.

How Much could in which Cost Me
Yes, in which will be cheap to buy especially in which low resale values attract potential buyers. The not bad news end here as in which vehicle has limited parts availability as well as high fuel consumption compared to rivals. Yup, maintenance costs are also on the upper scale when compared to the Japanese as well as Korean competition. Check out for the alternator as well as the transmission, weak points of in which vehicle.

Quickie Used Car Review – Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback (2003-2009)

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