Q&A with Benny Leuchter – VW's record-breaking 'Ring driver

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Source : Q&A with Benny Leuchter – VW's record-breaking 'Ring driver

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S in addition to we are talking to me in addition to the shutter, which was behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S on ‘ring-term record-breaking


Volkswagen has become the latest the to break the record at the Nurburgring lap cars with front-wheel drive faster. We talked to the man who was behind the wheel of a car of which broke the record – in Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S.

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what do you think in pre-production golf GTI Clubsport S when he led for once on the Nurburgring?

“straight via the beginning I could sense the potential. Such as cars not on some other roads here. The more stable quickly. I can take the restrictions in addition to was smooth the bumps. The engineers have done a very Great job. “

What are the key areas of which need to be changed at of which early stage?

” even though your vehicle felt actually Great, there was a bit too much understeer, so we fixed with more camber front. within the beginning of which was not possible, however engineers worked hard to make of which fit.

“There is usually a big secret for me in addition to of which was a race driver within the rear. Usually with front wheel drive cars of which open toe angle to keep warm tires in addition to give a turn in a Great race, however the funny thing with the Clubsport S is usually the back was developed within the opposite way, with the big toe at adjustment for maximum rear stability. however very neutral car because of the great mechanical grip via the front end.

“of which gives a lot of confidence in addition to stability under braking, in addition to the things you need within the faster corners. In fact, of which was so fast through them of which my maximum top speed through Schwedenkreuz [fast Acer’s] been 205km / h [127mph], faster than my BMW M235i race car last year, which was the use of stains! “

How many laps did you do before you are satisfied with Clubsport S?

” maybe 30 to 40 laps more than six months. The main issue is usually always the weather. You always have to find a Great spot. Conditions should be very Great, however we had snow in April. of which was very difficult to find a Great day, however we were able only. “

How was your lap? Do you have to manage the tires in addition to brakes?

” I’ve been flat out for the whole lap, in addition to not taking care of tires or anything. of which is usually actually a great compliment for engineers suspended, as they were able to adjust your vehicle so of which is usually not using the tires so much.

“I was not afraid, however I respect the track. Of course, when you drive like hell, you have a difficult moment in some locations. In fact, within the two points you’re a bit late on the brakes. I was actually on the edge. If I’ve hit the brakes after a few meters in addition to I went away. ”

Why do you think many of the largest manufacturers within the globe you want to break the record lap Nürburgring?

“For me, the Nurburgring is usually the best course for the race in addition to of which’s also the best path for the establishment of cars on the roads. With all speeds different angle, bumps – of which’s got fast corners, slow corners in addition to corners in addition to rugged – of which’s a big test . in addition to S Clubsport is usually actually like of which car is usually perfect for of which. ”

You TCR racing course in of which year’s Nurburgring 24 hours. What is usually the extent of similarity is usually of which your vehicle to the S Clubsport?

“your vehicle is usually very similar to the Clubsport S’s, in fact. Race Car is usually also a front-wheel drive in addition to uses the same engine, however as we have optimized software in addition to a few improvements creating sure of which of which is usually currently producing around 330bhp. The features a wheelbase 40CM wider, however too much is usually the same. so [Clubsport S] is usually the most powerful GTI ever, so of which is usually already a great base to start with. ”

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Source: Q&A with Benny Leuchter – VW's record-breaking 'Ring driver

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