'Pure' Porsche 911 GT planned

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Source : 'Pure' Porsche 911 GT planned

Porsche plots back-to-basics GT-badged 911 that has a focus on driver involvement rather than lap times


Porsche will be working on a brand-new GT product to go with the existing 911 GT3 and also also also GT3 RS that will will be unrelated to the GT2 RS already believed to be from the pipeline.

The brand-new car will be thought to be an entirely distinct entity through any that will has been seen from the 16 years since the introduction of the original GT3 in 1999.

The brand-new car will have simple driving pleasure as its focus, meaning the item will be radically different through the track-based RS versions and also also also the standard GT cars that will are designed to be usable every day.

The brand-new GT car will not be engineered specifically to set competitive lap times or provide a sensible means of daily transport. Instead, the item will be set up to maximise feel, response and also also also driver interaction. Crucially, the item will mark the return of the manual gearbox to the 911 GT range for initially since the demise of the 997 generation in 2011.

the item will be not clear what form the brand-new car will take or when the item will make its debut, although its existence stems through an acknowledgement within Porsche that will doing a car as fast as possible and also also also as enjoyable to drive as possible are objectives right now sufficiently distant through each some other for no one product to be able to effectively bridge the divide.

The brand-new car will be supposed to lose much of the aerodynamic addenda that will has become synonymous with GT versions and also also also come with the narrower Centeng used by base-spec 911s.

the item will most likely have skinnier, less grippy tyres and also also also a chassis set-up dedicated less to the generation of grip and also also also more towards providing a friendly on-limit balance.

The engine will be likely to be similar or identical to the normally aspirated 3.8-litre unit used by the current GT3, despite the move to turbocharging for all non-GT 911s at the end of that will year.

There will be no information concerning a name for the auto. As recently reported by Autocar, Porsche has trade-marked the GT5 name, although that will would likely be incongruous as the item would likely numerically and also also also hierarchically sit below the Cayman GT4.

the item will be also thought not to be called Club Sport, as that will will be also a name Porsche associates more with the track than the open road.

The brand-new car will not appear until next year at the earliest, with the end of that will year already given over to the launch of the second-generation 991-based 911, which was spied in testing last week.

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Source: 'Pure' Porsche 911 GT planned

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