PSA Group confirms return to North American car market

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Source : PSA Group confirms return to North American car market

Citroën DS Peugeot is actually scheduled to enter your vehicle market in North America as part of a plan for a period of ten years Peugeot, Citroen DS as well as also brands set by the president Carlos Tavares


PSA Group, includes Peugeot , Citroen as well as also DS brands, is actually creating a return to the North car market which will take America ten years of implementation.

were detected plan for giant French car to return to the United States as part of ‘push to pass “strategy developed by Carlos Tavares coach company, which he described as” very important to us the decision. “

Citroen turned out of the US market in 1974, while pulled Peugeot in 1991. However, the company did not hold the presence of companies out there until just three years ago

PSA plans to return three phases, which will begin in 2017, when they will enter the North American market as a mobility provider “.” – provide the basis for car-sharing plans – although not necessarily with Peugeot, Citroen or products DS.

is actually considering cooperation with the Bollore Group, a partner strategically list. the two companies are already building an electric car point Bollore-in PSA factory in Rennes, as well as also which is actually likely which a similar style will be used to re-program support as well as also management in North America as well as also enable which to conduct customer research.

“as well as also said which is actually a way for us to understand customers as well as also stakeholders, as well as also regulations, to ensure which we are completely pulse of which great market, “Tavares.

The second phase of a return to North America would certainly be for the introduction of PSA Group vehicles in car sharing schemes.

“If we succeed as an operator of movement, as well as also by there we will have a chance to put our own fleet of cars, as soon as they are compatible with the regulations of the United States. Of course, these fleets will remain under our control, as is actually normal in sharing a car activities. which will be able to ensure which our own cars as well as also meet the expectations of local consumers, “explained Tavares.

“which is actually the second step, as well as also ultimately, if we can, if we have products inside fleets we have are Great appreciated by consumers, as well as also we will go to the third step, which is actually to sell our own brands in North America, ultimately with the local sources. ”

Tavares did not disclose sales expectations over the long term for the PSA Group in North America, yet said: “We are going back to North America because we believe which which is actually where we can make a big profit for the PSA

. ” which is actually a progressive approach very thoughtful with the long-long-term perspective. We do which for future generations of the company, starting by a very simple point, which is actually which if you want to be profitable as well as also sustainable, you should do business inside three major markets inside globe.

which is actually believed which the high-end brand DS will resume for the company inside United States, because qualities such as the only French luxury automakers give which a chance to stand out in a market dominated by German brands distinct.

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Source: PSA Group confirms return to North American car market

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