PSA begins electric car development

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Source : PSA begins electric car development

Peugeot Ion Peugeot Citroen DS Group can be working with its Chinese partner Dongfeng to develop a variety of electric vehicles


a set of pan-electric cars through Peugeot , Citroen as well as DS are under development, according to the PSA Group, who presented earlier within the day on the future platform for modest electric vehicles.

as well as companay French was Dongfeng work together on the platform since 2015; as well as designed types for the production of 2019.

as well as all brands PSA three use platform, in addition to the PSA partner in China, Dongfeng. The types are all presentations B as well as C- segment, so the types will be similar in size to Peugeot 208 , Citro ë n C3 as well as DS 3 for the first, as well as 308 , C4 as well as DS 4 -sized for the latter.

PSA boss Carlos Tavares previously mentioned objectives to “launch a pure electric cars through the bottom of the market up” at the Shanghai Expo in 2015. This particular can be not known yet, however, if types cars will be stand-alone show or electric variants of existing products PSA.


also support programs as well as management in Shanghai last year, the platform will support all vehicles B- class within the future, as well as larger cars, including Citroen C4 Cactus .

place as the leader of DS technology within the PSA group means This particular can be likely which the first fully electric car resulting through This particular transaction will be DS- PSA- Dongfeng badge.

Due to the recent face of DS as well as 3 DS as well as interest in electric types such as Mvhom- E crisis, This particular’s not fair to conclude which This particular type could well be an electric variation of the next DS 3, which can be likely to be replace all parts of the same time as well as gave electric types.

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Source: PSA begins electric car development

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