Promoted: SEAT Ateca – built with modern families in mind

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Source : Promoted: SEAT Ateca – built with modern families in mind

Families were given the chance to see the fresh SEAT Ateca


invited the families to see the fresh SEAT ATECA

A selection of Autocar readers are given the opportunity to learn How This kind of was specifically designed ATECA fresh to deal with family life

families with young children demanding their cars. They need a vehicle that will is usually spacious, comfortable as well as also easy to use, as well as also that will excel both by land long as well as also short runs the school. Oh, as well as also they still want a car that will looks stylish as well as also stir well.

The fresh seat has been designed ATECA to meet all these expectations through smart engineering as well as also mixing process with the aesthetic taste is usually well-known for Barcelona company. In spite of being the first car seat SUV, as well as also This kind of seems that will the company has got things right initially.

This kind of became clear at a special ceremony recently hosted by Autocar as well as also one seat. This kind of was invited a group of readers with their families by increasing their numbers to come as well as also see the fresh four-wheel drive cars – they just did not tell anyone. Once detected ATECA, quick to size This kind of up, as well as also they came away impressed.

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How SEAT designers have managed to make space in ATECA works for such a demanding demographic? “I love the design, This kind of’s actually comfortable, as well as also I love the high at home,” said Tia-dawn Howarth, a Autocar readers who attended the event. “This kind of’s got a lot of space for strollers as well as also things for kids, as well as also there’s actually Great space between the front seats as well as also rear seats, for children to kick in between the chairs – I’m always looking for that will,”

nevertheless ATECA design is usually not only about the process: pair Tia-dawn Paul Howarth also taken with the look of your vehicle. “I’m impressed,” he said. “This kind of’s like a nice, This kind of’s understated, This kind of’s not too showy. This kind of’s probably the SUV better looking in This kind of sector.”

Steve Mirfin, the product’s ATECA fresh manager, says that will the needs of young families was a key factor when your vehicle was under development. He added: “The payload – 510 liters at the wheel of two-wheel ATECA – big carts as well as also all the tools that will come with the kids, if you go family holiday in there is usually a wide space inside car

” There is usually a back door which has a virtual pedal, even if I arrived in a car with children under arms, boxes, bags as well as also so on, you can open the back door with only one criticism of the foot. There’s a whole load of safety features inside car as well, such as camera 360. You can maneuver around the city, or in as well as also out of the park Playgroup car, easily. “


extensive list feature key readers Autocar who attended the event as a magnet.” The Jam Traffic assistance as well as also 360 camera a large degree, “said the reader David Ithier.” To my wife, wireless as well as also shipping would likely be great. Plus This kind of’s got a shipment contact with him. “

The total mobile phone charger also I Ginns. She said:” The imposition of contactless amazing. This kind of’s one of those things that will I do not think you need, nevertheless when you try This kind of you realize that will you do – as well as also then you can not live without »

her husband Alex Ginns He added:” What was interesting was seeing some of the Features that will will be additions to the different cars, which is usually included as standard. ”

Steve Mirfin added that will ATECA will not just appeal to young families for a combination of style, space as well as also practicality: “The cost drivers are attractive as well. We expect to be very economical as well as also cheap to run. “

for David Ithier, ATECA issued one very important test on the first inspection. He said: “If you’ve got a family, you do not want them to be in harm’s way. My standard for a car like This kind of if I’m driving along in a long journey, is usually unable to sleep inside car as well as also relax?

” This kind of’s big enough for that will, This kind of’s comfortable enough. This kind of’s just a actually Great car in all respects. “

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Source: Promoted: SEAT Ateca – built with modern families in mind

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