Promoted: SEAT Ateca – a dynamic completely new take on the SUV

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Source : Promoted: SEAT Ateca – a dynamic completely new take on the SUV

The completely new SEAT Ateca


completely new seat ATECA project is usually the company’s first projects from the SUV market

SUV first seat, which has been a completely new ATECA designed to deliver driving pleasure accuracy in addition to also flexibility to deal without compromising the process

brand completely new sEAT ATECA is usually the first car quadrant of the company to pay – in addition to also worked hard to ensure which they stand out by her many class rivals at the moment put his eyes on which.

“We want to make cars which are beautiful to look at, in addition to also also very functional,” says Alejandro Mesonero- Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. “Our philosophy is usually to blend functionality with great design.” Or, in some other words: “The ATECA makes your life happy”

The completely new seat was unveiled ATECA to the public at the Geneva Motor Show recently – just watch which video to learn more

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to ensure ATECA has all the required operation of the SUV, SEAT in addition to also focused on creating a spacious cabin in addition to also a boot capacity of up to 510 liters. in addition to also electric rear door, which can be opened in addition to also closed using a virtual pedal, makes which space is usually easy to access. “in addition to also should be easy to live with,” says Alejandro Mesonero- Romanus. “which’s a lifestyle car, so which’s designed for people who need to do anything by a bicycle to a washing machine.”

ATECA also packed with features designed to enhance the driving experience. Sven Schawe, Director of SEAT omnibus vehicle development, structure development in addition to also innovation, explains: “A lot of the technology state-of-the-art available from the Volkswagen Group, nearly all of which merger in ATECA.”

which includes optional with pure daylight white to improve visibility light technology full LED headlamps, which have built into them pointers. “which’s a signature on a car,” says Sven Schawe. “When you drive which car on the road everyone will not recognize which is usually ATECA when a signal.”

There is usually also a “welcome light” at the heart of the wing mirror which projects in addition to also ATECA illuminated logo on the floor by the door when you open the automobile.

inside is usually the same amount of technology, thanks to features such as touch screen Media System Plus. Reveals your hand, so the buttons appear only when you need which – in addition to also which keeps the screen structure cleaner. SEAT in addition to also full Connect system is usually compatible with smartphones, including Android in addition to also Apple. There is usually also an optional wireless charging system, which also uses an antenna car to promote beneficial receive mobile phone

Sven Schawe boasts safety features in ATECA for: “All the driving assistance which which makes sense to be from the automobile available in ATECA system” . Include alert traffic, lane departure warning system in addition to also a blind spot detection options. Top View camera system uses four cameras built into the automobile to create a public point of view, which can also be used to design a 3D image. There is usually also Park Assist function, which can ATECA automatically directed to the areas you

which space, practicality in addition to also feature list does not come at the expense of performance, however: The compact design, light Centeng weight to ensure ATECA in addition to also stay nimble.

There is usually a choice of 1.4 in addition to also 1.0-liter gasoline engine in addition to also 1.6 TSI in addition to also 2.0-liter TDIs, having a 1.4-liter petrol in addition to also 2.0- liter diesel versions available from the front wheel in addition to also all-wheel-drive. A manual transmission in addition to also DSG box options. Driving dynamics can be further sharpened through the file system SEAT engine, which offers a range of settings for patterns of different driving conditions – including snow in addition to also settings off-road all-wheel-drive versions

SEAT in addition to also leaders trust which the combination of practical application in addition to also the design in addition to also performance will help ATECA stand out among competitors SUVs – especially after people have tried which

Sven Schawe says: “the most important thing is usually which people need to drive which car to experience which. he had a perfect driving behavior. which’s quiet car, however also one very athletic. steering, handling in addition to also agility of the automobile are among the best in its class. “

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Source: Promoted: SEAT Ateca – a dynamic completely new take on the SUV

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