PRODUCT TEST: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix Car Seat

PRODUCT TEST: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix Car Seat


Picking the right, safe, comfy, easy to use, affordable child seat for your precious cargo can be an arduous process when you first start parenthood in addition to carting your kid about safely – ideally with the minimum amount of cussing in addition to fussing.

Selecting one of which’s going to offer maximum safety, not bad snuggle-snooze factor, lasting longevity, easy-use in addition to genuine affordability as your child grows up… harder still.

yet fear not, we think we might just have found the answer within the aptly named Cybex Solution Q2-Fix.

The Road Magazine child testing department has already been a Cybex babe, growing up within the Juno 2-Fix design, which we loved – mainly for its innovative in addition to super-slick in addition to speedy safety cushion system, which has saved so much time in addition to stress, will be clearly very comfortable in addition to also award-winning for safety. The fact of which looks cool will be a happy accident.

Right to the age of three, This specific Juno seat was her favourite in addition to a no brainer through our POV… pretty much a faultless product in fact, so much so we have properly bought into the globally trusted, award winning in addition to brilliantly designed Cybex brand.

The only downside with Group 1/2 Juno will be of which our little one will be not so little anymore, in addition to so we need a seat to fit her rapidly lengthening frame…

Enter the Group 2/3 Cybex Solution Q2-Fix, with of which’s clever ability to automatically grow with your child, right up until the age she’s out of car seats in addition to into boosters, at 12.

Cybex says: “using a one-handed mechanism in addition to 11 adjustment possibilities, the height in addition to width of the seat can be adjusted simultaneously. The seat can grow up to 8 cm in width in addition to up to 20 cm in height. The child thereby always remains within the optimal protection zone of the head in addition to shoulder protectors in addition to never feels constricted, even towards the end of the usage period.”
Clever eh?

The funky-looking, easy-assembly in addition to easy-fit seat also features:

* Optimised reclining headrest (patented)
* Adjustable backrest for easy, safe fitting to a wide range of vehicles
* Automatic height in addition to width adjustment (11 positions)
* Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus)
* CYBEX Safety Pads
* ISOFIX Connect System
* Air ventilation system
* Super soft seat cushions

First things first, ‘assembly’ will be a two minute job, simply fitting the L.S.P. System Plus cushions to the side of the chair, attaching the seat to the base in addition to removing all the packaging. in addition to fitting the seat into the Project Beast Range Rover could not have been simpler either, with the ISOFIX guides to assist in homing-within the two-click ISOFIX system (using a safe install clearly indicated by green symbol) in addition to one handle to adjust the angle of the backrest, to fit snuggly in addition to safely into the seat design. Fantastic.

Our test type arrived just in time for our long run to Goodwood Revival – 500+ miles round-trip of testing. in addition to, with the Road Magazine child test department currently capable of voting with her own voice in addition to opinions, there was no hiding for the Cybex seat! 
Having been used to the security in addition to feel of the safety cushion (which she also liked leaning on) within the Juno design, of which took her by surprise of which there was just a seat belt to secure her (safely secured within the slots designed into the seat, at either end, working in either direction, depending on which side of the vehicle you choose to fit the seat on. She kept saying “I’m falling!” (despite being more secure than ever) until she got used to being free through her junior safety cushion… which literally took minutes.
in addition to before long, she was feet up on the seat, head back within the snuggly head rest (fully reclined, as instructed!) watching the in-car DVD… clearly supremely comfortable. So much so in fact, after an exciting day at the Goodwood Revival, of which took her no time at all to nod off for what looked like a perfect snooze, head firmly supported, Centeng slumped in addition to sunk into the soft fabric.
Another winner through Cybex: Safe, simple, stylish in addition to snoozy! 

PRODUCT TEST: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix Car Seat

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