'Premium' Nissan Qashqai could rival Audi Q3

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Source : 'Premium' Nissan Qashqai could rival Audi Q3

Nissan qashqai Geneva Qashqai exhibition premium concept to make production in addition to reduce the high level, in addition to prices of 30K £


April press on with the fresh range topping Qashqai on the basis of Matt Black premium concept unveiled in Geneva Motor show March


April non-referral, for an example of the success of the production when This kind of was detected for initially, nevertheless has since been tentatively date of introduction through 2017-2018 in

premium concept Qashqai, which was called inside United Kingdom inside European design studio in April in London, This kind of is usually intended to be a bedside test to push the transition to a fresh cost point 30,000 £ plus, in addition to perhaps point Tekna +, to fight the compact SUV more premium, such as Audi Q3 in addition to BMW x1 .

encouraged by the sales of higher specification product £ 29K -Tekna trim, which captured a third of the sales of the UK Qashqai in addition to designers today

“, the concept is usually designed to be possible to produce,” said working flat out for productionise parts concept unique trim, structure-wide track in addition to the wheels specially manufactured. Darryl Scriven, design director for the premium concept of qashqai. “today we are working in addition to adapt the original material, such as carbon fiber, nappa leather in addition to a special coating, for the future of production.”

all the essential elements of the bodykit concept, such as low complex templates carbon in addition to accessories wheelarch bumper, plus grille “V movement” burnished headlights in addition to fresh tail lights are supposed to make This kind of to the production product,

“We are looking how to transition through a product carbon fiber parts to the material that will keeps the same format theater hand, nevertheless which are easier to make inside volume, “said Scriven.

April using British motorsport engineering expertise to the molding carbon fiber parts tool, using a sheet of carbon fiber developed by hand in order to create a unified view of the weave.


skills of British machining also end a special wheel. The first cast wheels give a layer of gold paint, followed by a layer of black coloration. Then This kind of formed the upper layer of the places, to the thousandth of a millimeter accuracy, in order to expose the gold plating underneath. “The challenge lies in finding a way to make production with the same shape parts,” said Scriven

additional important engineering is usually to ensure 20MM broader concept paths of- important change to give the Qashqai look more planted – could be replicated inside production

is usually supposed to be saved Matt black Centeng coloration concept inside biggest challenge. April can paint matt black inside Sunderland plant, nevertheless inside end likely to use, especially during cleaning, when ultimately boring can be polished off. Instead, This kind of is usually April likely to choose three colors Centeng – dark, medium in addition to light – that will will work in markets around the planet, with each coloration has cooperated with the shadow contrasting instead of gold

at home, in addition to Napa white skin. This kind of is usually likely to turn into a light coloration a little less likely, nevertheless a common topic of premium seat light trim using a dark carpet in addition to lowers the door is usually a key part of the idea of ​​production.

additional upscale designs under consideration

April Europe is usually looking forward to creating a premium versions of the additional designs to join the Qashqai luxury. Premium has been shown X-Trail concept along with the Qashqai tweaked Similarly, inside Geneva show, in addition to This kind of is usually possible that will more of the luxury SUV midsize April will make a copy also inside production process.

April is usually not yet moving inside direction of Ford image Vignale brand subsidiary, which also includes the dealer better service, while the fresh Vauxhall ruled coach Rory Harvey of brand extension Vignale type of response to a question about the idea at the Geneva show.

However, This kind of is usually supposed to be very similar, indicating a fresh cost war between premium in addition to volume brands all over the pricing Tekna £ 30K + sign in April in addition to Vignale Ford.

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Source: 'Premium' Nissan Qashqai could rival Audi Q3

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