Post-Brexit decline in British car sales predicted

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Source : Post-Brexit decline in British car sales predicted

Brexit car demand market analysts IHS Global expects auto sales decline of about 10% after the last vote to leave the European Union feared 19,459,004] British car market brand-new to be heading to after Brexit decline is usually destined to hit sales to 2.4 million annually in 2017 – a loss of about 250,000 brand-new car sales


has emerged

disappointing time expectations auto industry suffered with the fall-out by voting Brexit, who left sterling index of business confidence in addition to also adversely affect investment.

, “These are early days,” said a spokesman for the market IHS Global “research, although we are within the case of a negative shock of the initial evaluation is usually the decline within the market.”

was expected by IHS Global

brand-new car sales to reach 2.7M by the end of This specific year, a slight increase on the 2.6m last year.

, however, which is usually currently expected negative impact on the UK economy to pay for which by up to 55,000 units of 2.64 m.

“, effectively, all This specific growth witnessed within the first half of This specific year is usually likely to go away,” said analyst IHS Global Colin Couchman.

VW said UK coach Paul Willis Autocar which expectations have proved indicate personal less. “The numbers which I’ve seen indicate which the market is usually moving towards 2.55m This specific year,” said Autocar in Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​ at the end of last week.

within the crucial month will be in September, which last year recorded 465,000 sales in addition to also is usually facing a loss in 2016 in addition to also perhaps 50,000 sales – shifted dramatically

although feel the real impact of Brexit in 2017, when importers will be able to adjust their purchase orders to the forward, after taking the opinion of This specific fall on market expectations for next year.

expects IHS Global is usually another market for 2.4 M unit decline in 2017. within the past, which is usually anticipated to 2.61m units.

puts Willis for 2017 range between 2.3M 2.4M (f), a slightly larger decline, although on a similar scale. “which just depends on what proportion of the low you think we might experience next year.”

One of the main factors within the increase in prices resulting by the adjusted cost of the currency within the long term be which will make imported cars more than the cost of sales

“Sterling has already weakened 6%. Willis said if which becomes is usually the norm, in addition to also you can imagine the impact on prices, “Autocar.

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Source: Post-Brexit decline in British car sales predicted

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