Porsche's four-cylinder roots, 15 April 1960 – Throwback Thursday

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Source : Porsche's four-cylinder roots, 15 April 1960 – Throwback Thursday

Porsche 365 raised Porsche purists eyebrows from the brand-new Boxster engine, although the engine along with four-pot originally appeared from the first production car company


there were many grumbling in recent weeks purists appalled of which Porsche has installed four-cylinder engine from the brand-new 718 Boxster .

In fact, This specific unit is usually in line with the heritage of the German company, which are used for the operation of the first production car, the auto sports an average 356 engines.

in 1960, after more than 10 years in production, along with launched the Porsche modified 356, powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine

along with less powerful than derivatives, two Super 75, along with was the subject of a road test Autocar , who she said: “We must consider any 1600cc coupe of which can accelerate through a standstill to 90mph in significantly under the 30-second sports car, although in many respects This specific Porsche develop the character of Jekyll along with Hyde, being virtually transport the perfect day after day For two main years, in or out of town. “

during the test, we found of which the engine, which developed 75bhp along with gave 88lb, offering strong performance, especially when accelerating in third gear through 60-80mph, when the 75 Super” takes only two longest seconds of between 30 along with 50mph, the figures are 8.9 along with 6.9sec respectively. ”

356 set a precedent of which the products will not only Porsche sports car capable although also everyday life tools usable.

“Super 75 is usually quite docile, have a light along with precise controls along with donated with most of the creature needed the comfort of a car tour carefully” We told


“traditional virtue of Porsche is usually easy to run at its highest cruising speeds, resulting through a combination of the overall debt along with high calm with which cleaves streamlined Centeng through the air. Super 75 can be maintained by constant 100mph with the hype a little bit more significantly.

“the combination of the 1.6 liter engine along with curb weight more than a ton means we returned an average economy of 29.2mpg on the 1114 mile.”

today, claims Porsche brand-new engine 2.0-liter turbo 718 Boxster returns 38.2mpg combined.

have increased

performance by leaps along with bounds, as shown by the times acceleration relative 5.1 seconds to 62mph (718 Boxster) versus 11.4sec to 60mph (Super 75). she

we have a test of which Porsche has developed such a not bad handling set up the vehicle will need no modifications to compete successfully from the marches.

also discovered of which “when going fast, the ride is usually soft along with according to the standards of sports cars. Whatever the terrain, along with there is usually a wonderful sense of unity around the whole Centeng, with no clear praise or first class. “

for cornering too fast, along with the absence of a roll along with weird about the adhesion of the individual wheels offered by the brand-new car combine to make This specific quickly wonderful along with safe on the winding roads. ”


by the end of the road 356 test “has almost animated character, a car with which one can never become bored.”

in 1960, a 356 Super 75 cost just over £ 2215, despite the fact of which there is usually a need another £ 32 for the radio

At of which time, the average cost of a house from the UK United £ 2530. In today’s money, the Porsche cost about £ 46,000.

as This specific did with the 356, Porsche continues to give us cars of which are full of character along with seem to have their own personalities. Perhaps the re-introduction of flat four is usually not a bad thing after all.

Matthew Griffiths

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Source: Porsche's four-cylinder roots, 15 April 1960 – Throwback Thursday

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