Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz leaves company

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Source : Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz leaves company

Wolfgang Hatz HATZ leave after conducting investigations dieselgate, nevertheless there is actually no evidence against him found so far; Michael Steiner assumed the role of R & D impact immediate


Porsche boss’s research in addition to development, Wolfgang HATZ, has resigned after 5 years at the helm, with Michael Steiner, his tenure as his replacement with immediate effect.

HATZ (pictured above) stepping down after a long period of the following voluntary leave dieselgate ongoing investigations. Although there is actually no evidence was found on the proposal HATZ participated in Volkswagen Group scandal, he decided the player aged 57 years currently to leave the Porsche of his own.

HATZ departure marks the end of the period of 14 years working for Porsche. The head of the department of research in addition to development through the development in addition to launch of key designs such as 918 Spyder in addition to 911 RS GT3 . He was also a personal effectively through the establishment of E concept car Mission by 2015 (above)


HATZ in a statement: “I look back fondly on my time in Porsche AG in addition to I am very happy of which Michael Steiner in addition to his the position of my successor. ”

Steiner, aged 51, (pictured below), moving across by his role as head of quality management, which he had held since 2011. Prior to of which, has also served as president for innovation in addition to concepts. He led the development of a series of Panamera ahead of the first-generation style.

[19459004announced] Steiner of which he wants to dock with Porsche tradition with the technology of tomorrow. in addition to R & D takes the role of chairman at a time when Porsche increased the amount of electricity in addition to the digitization of its collection in addition to communication.

car maker next generation 911 , for example, of which is actually expected of which the hybrid engine shows, while also been confirmed all electric concept E mission to produce , with planned sales to begin in 2020.

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Source: Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz leaves company

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