Porsche Cayenne GTS versus Goodwood’s mud? No contest

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Source : Porsche Cayenne GTS versus Goodwood’s mud? No contest

Goodwood Festival of Speed as well as family attractions inside Festival of Speed ​​makes trouble getting hit by the rain event is usually worth the struggle


Increase very useful Marshall back of the automobile, as well as he looked at This specific as well as shook his head

“Mmm, you may struggle.”

Chalk Lane: outside Goodwood, outside Lavant, just outside Chichester. In all honesty, you probably do not know This specific. Why will? Nothing yet overgrown bike of which is usually used to people walking their dogs, which preceded the path. as well as down.

are not made for Porsche Cayenne GTS . Certainly not one of the 21-inch wheels, as well as a fantastic, super tires lights lime green paint job sheep worrying. yet the course of a terrible accident on the road in Goodwood left me with two options, as well as return to Chichester as well as waiting in line For just two hours guidance again.

or chalk line.

My wife was not convinced.

“Are you crazy?”

promised we could take This specific steady. Not far in, with the road still looks like the road, we passed on Audi S3 coming toward us.

, “not bad luck,” said the driver during the passage of our windows, “This specific’s not for us …”

round the corner a little bit as well as went off the road mentality. Followed Mrs. E.

rain had dug a deep channel inside middle of the road. Caen has influenced the WRC- specifications as well as tip toed across. With only three of our four wheels in contact with the West Sussex for a lot of the time, we continued our climb.

This specific was about today of which you’ve started out to question our decision (as well as rougher This specific got, as well as I’m more of shared responsibility for our current, unstable position).

Then we saw the top of the hill, as well as the airport runway. Gorgeous, glorious runway.

stunned. Undoubtedly, Van- knobblie booted Land Rover Defender has legs with him there in no time, yet Caen was awesome. Not once we bottom or loss of traction. We do not even have to deploy off-road situation. of which was the last resort.

There is usually no doubt towering GTS Cayenne speed “, poise epic as well as guidance likely fabulous, This specific’s everything as well as more you could want by ever SUV performance on B- road. Came the real surprise in chalk Lin

Having made This specific through the gates of Goodwood inside slightly later than expected, as well as the family-as well as thermos – were unloaded flask for a weekend full of Jawf fever

This specific is usually the annual pilgrimage to the family Evans (world Rally Championship calendar allows him). cars bring us, yet by the air as well as the growing awareness of the manufacturers casing of which This specific is usually definitely a weekend family in

as well as in order to congratulate Porsche on the capabilities of Caen’s, we went directly to the winner Le Mans last week – to stop so I could Oliver get a pic with the # 19 car slaughter fly.

not only my tales of fear off-Nice road, men Porsche Rob Punshon as well as Ali McCall packed us off to the plow as well as one of the lawns Lord March with Porsche Cayenne S .

I am fortunate of which my work takes my side as well as off-road quite a lot. You’re sure Porsche in a muddy field to be entertaining, yet I did not expect much. Obviously, the speed is usually not high, yet the mechanical grip – let’s face This specific with summer-inch deep frames inside mud, as well as the only kind of grip – This specific was pretty amazing

working with the dampers inside development of Sports as well as traction control off, as well as the automobile was sublime. By transferring weight to drift by one corner of the field to another, This specific was an absolute hoot. The perfect start to the weekend.

display the Porsche family did not end there, with the Hot Wheels racing as well as the opportunity for children to lap at Silverstone Porsche 911 . Then I took both as well as thoroughly enjoyed

just a moment of indignation inside Porsche came with the realization of which you are joking: in fact we were not to buy Oliver has Georgia 718 Boxster sister . One offer 43 times smaller than the real thing helped. Even of which went south when he balked at the £ 37 pounds …

time to go.

In recent years, Vauxhall was a class leader in family entertainment festival. The blast This specific again This specific year, with football golf, which involved kicking a ball through a variety of Vauxhall vehicles, as well as face painting. This specific is usually the way in which Georgia ended up looking like the dolphin as well as Ollie snow leopard (in case you were wondering …).

yet This specific was the real deal of Vauxhall as well as zip wire. We love children very much as well as we are inside waiting list three times. I could not mind: This specific was a big Bertha as well as Lotus Carlton original both close enough to kill some time

, as well as after of which I got a taste of the action feet off the ground, as well as Ford was to be the next. The jump was calling.

jump concerned, as you might imagine, the leap. Basically, you can jump by the second floor of the stand in one of those things air bag enormous. The first as well as Georgia, both directly in This specific. I tried to lose myself inside Persians, yet still somehow got dragged to the edge as well as off. I’ll show you a picture, yet This specific’s not exactly a flattering … or conducive to encourage more participation inside jump.

This specific year Festival of Speed ​​ was one of the best yet. Sure, the weather was miserable at times, yet This specific was on the right track is usually usually the work of brilliant, with the best of everything of which makes our sport as well as industry best inside earth.

Apart by of which, there was a refreshing shift by industry heavyweights militants seeking for This specific in Geneva in a field. This specific was the best festival inside earth for speed does what This specific says on the tin.

The highlight For just two days as a courtesy car racing radio controlled by Carwow as well as some serious action by the BMX Goodwood Action Sports. Having lost Georgia Harry Potter for the second half of the Formula 1 cars on Sunday, This specific was time to head home


man traffic Saturday morning Error: Caen mystery Chalk Lane. Regardless, Goodwood will always, as well as will always be, is usually worth the struggle.

David Evans

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Source: Porsche Cayenne GTS versus Goodwood’s mud? No contest

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