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Porsche 911 GT3 RS costs via £131,296

Hardcore 493bhp GT3 RS represents a fresh level for the Porsche 911 – faint hearts need not apply Although the RS badge features a longer history, Porsche itself measures the Renn Sport versions of the 911 GT3 via 2003, when the idea stripped surplus weight via the 996-generation style along with had its race-spawned Mezger flat six hyperventilating on ram-air ducts.the idea was a suitable starting place for a concept in which has since set like folkloric concrete inside imagination of anyone interested inside performance potential of the naturally aspirated 911. Because the 997 moved through several stages of evolution (including the instant legend in which was the much-coveted swansong RS 4.0), Porsche considers the 991 type to be the fifth generation of the style the idea has launched.As with its predecessors, the a new considers the automobile’s circuit-lapping capabilities to be second only to those of the race machines at the opposite end of the homologation process – in in which case, the latest GT3 R.The performance disparity between street legal along with not, though, ought to be more slender than ever, given all the stops Porsche has evidently pulled via the RS’s development process. We’ll dive into the technical detail in a moment although will preface the idea with the same takeaway fact in which its maker chose to highlight: namely, the automobile’s four-second improvement over the V10-powered Carrera GT’s lap time around the Nürburgring.Typically, we’d query the relevance of such a comparison in a road car. Here, though, there’s no question at all in which Weissach brews the RS to simmer best on a track, so knowledge of its apparent superiority over a lighter, slipperier, substantially more powerful mid-engined supercar can be appropriate theme-setting for considering the extremities of performance Porsche has managed to coax via the humble 911, while still asking only £131,296 via its customers.If the idea adequately fills the enormous shoes left by the limited-edition 997 RS 4.0, the idea might just be the bargain of the decade.
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Source: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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