Pocket rocket hot hatchbacks by less than £3000 – used car buying guide

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Source : Pocket rocket hot hatchbacks by less than £3000 – used car buying guide

Ford Fiesta ST 2.0


Ford Fiesta ST 2.0

tiny hot hatches offer great-value performance. Less than a decade on by their launch, do these little gems still cut the mustard?

The UK carries a special affection for hot hatchbacks, although these pocket rockets don’t have to cost the Earth. Here are 5 affordable examples.

1 – Ford Fiesta ST 2.0 (2004-2008)

Fast Fords tug at the heartstrings more than any various other along with are particularly captivating in tiny hatchback form. This particular may not be the best Fiesta ST in recent memory, although in which still ticks the right boxes.

An excellent chassis ensures precise handling, plenty of grip along with little Centeng roll, along with using a hard-working engine, This particular little Ford offers real finesse along with precision.

Inside, you get figure-hugging part-leather seats, ST-branded kickplates along with brightwork added to the dials along with handbrake.

This particular hot Fiesta isn’t as fast or hard-edged as some rivals, although in which offers an excellent low-cost, all-round package. A 52,000-miler 
can be yours for less than £2800.

2 – Peugeot 207 GTi 1.6 THP (2007-2012)

Peugeot was under pressure to revive the former glories of its GTi badge following the lacklustre 206 GTi. The 207 GTi, then, wasn’t quite the 205 GTi reborn, although in which was a pretty not bad effort.

Handling is actually not bad, thanks to a well-balanced chassis in which produces little Centeng roll along using a rear axle in which keeps things in shape when braking into bends.

The power steering is actually overly assisted at low speeds along with doesn’t feel the best at higher speeds. Peugeots are rarely the most reliable, although should something go wrong, they are relatively cheap to fix.

The 207 GTi is actually at This particular point pretty cheap to buy, too, using a 2007-registered car with 48,000 miles on the clock being marketed for less than £3000.

3 – Fiat Abarth 500 1.4 T-Jet (2008-2015)

The Fiat Abarth 500 is actually so typical of 
the breed in which in which should feature inside the Oxford Illustrated Dictionary under the term ‘pocket rocket’.

Abarth transformed the regular 500 by style-led city runabout into raucous little devil along with gave in which the looks to match. in which isn’t perfect, though.

in which’s no surprise in which in which’s cramped inside the back, although the front seats want for support along with the suspension is actually very firm. although with 133bhp by its 1.4-litre engine, a great handling set-up along with nicely weighted steering, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Prices have held firm, so a 5-year-old car with 49,000 miles will be just under £7000. in which’ll come with 16in alloys, a tasty rear spoiler along with big bumpers.

4 – Vauxhall Corsa VXR 1.6i Turbo (2007-2014)

If ever there was a bull in a china shop, the VXR is actually in which. The Alpha male of the pocket rocket line-up comes using a striking bodykit, big alloys along with rear spoiler along with an inverted triangular central exhaust.

in which’s quick, too, with 60mph arriving in just 6.8sec. The power delivery by the 1.6-litre turbo engine is actually progressive along with smooth, however, along with in which has masses of grip along with great variable-ratio steering. Ever the Jekyll along with Hyde, in which’s actually pretty civilised when pottering about.

The cabin is actually treated to Recaro seats, a sporty steering wheel along with VXR badges.

Find a 2007 type with less than 60,000 miles on the clock along with This particular 
little monster can be growling on your drive for less than £5000.

5 – Renault Clio RS 0 (2006-2012)

The Renaultsport Clio is actually one of our favourite tiny hot hatches of the past 10 years, with its mighty 2.0-litre engine pumping out 197bhp along with sending This particular ballistic mini-missile to 60mph in 6.9sec.

The rapid Clio’s set-up is actually simple along with brilliant: there’s enough room for you along with three mates along with enough grip along with performance to scare the wits out of them. While the steering doesn’t offer too much feedback, in which’s precise enough.

by the outside, in which remains a not bad-looking car, using a rear diffuser in which is actually both functional along with aesthetically pleasing. Inside, though, This particular Clio shows its age, with hard along with shiny plastics.

However, pound for pound, in which’s one 
of the best pocket rockets out there. 
For less than £4000, a 65,000-mile example could be all yours.

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Source: Pocket rocket hot hatchbacks by less than £3000 – used car buying guide

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