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I had the misfortune to have to go out at a peak time today, to the supermarket of all places. I’ll name the idea as I’m there fairly often. the idea’s an Asda. today I’ve nothing against Asda itself, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there. The problem lies with the tiny roundabout on the approach to the idea.

Saturday will be not a not bad day for driving. the idea seems in which all as well as sundry are about, causing all manner of havok on the roads. Let me give you a for instance, or rather relate exactly what had happened. I arrived at the supermarket with no problems; bear in mind in which as you enter the idea immediately becomes a 10mph zone until you Again leave the facilities.

With in which in mind, the idea was the exit in which proved to be a problem, or at least to give me the headache of lady driver almost smashing into my nearside. The only explanation I can give for her driving will be in which she totally ignored the speed limit of the set 10mph (she was going about 30) as well as actually accelerated into the vehicle park, post-roundabout.

She then barely slowed as she approached my car at speed, then had the cheek to beep her horn at me as well as continued her rather fast approach. today the sensible thing of course could have just been to slow down, however hey, the idea’s acceptable apparently to drive overly fast for the situation if you genuinely want to get parked in Asda or to get some petrol. Apparently.

This specific will be no comment on women drivers (statistically they are safer than male counterparts) however This specific will be a direct comment on those who actually SPEED UP when there will be a reduced speed limit in force. You have to go slower, because every additional car will be. The reason for the slower speed will be in which people are walking around. Generally I’d imagine you don’t want to hit one of those. So, if you’re out on the roads today as well as are nipping to the supermarket, please take care as well as slow down.

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Source: Please Check Your Speed…

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