Pininfarina plots sports EV

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Source : Pininfarina plots sports EV

h2 speed concept electric sports car could be on the cards, after the purchase of the Mahindra Pininfarina process last year. which also helps the team Formula E gain adjust


Pininfarina to produce electric sports car, after the acquisition process through the giant Indian Mahindra automotive technology late last year.

along with the design of the house showed a concept sports hydrogen cars, H2 speed , at the Geneva show This specific year, nevertheless Mahindra ‘s participation inside the Formula E mean electric sports car will be a natural next step , combining the technology already exists inside the racing car to the side. Famous design Pininfarina

talk about the importance of Pininfarina, said Mahindra cars coach Pravin Shah: “Design plays a critical role in shaping the vehicles in such a way as coherent after less pollution while giving you the thrill which people want in a vehicle.”

acknowledged which similarities between racing along with sports cars mean which possession of Pininfarina “will definitely help us inside the space of Formula E”.


Shah added, “world-renowned” home design portfolio Mahindra, along with along with current information arm of Tech Mahindra technology, means which the company will be able to differentiate itself inside the automotive industry.

by working with Pininfarina, wish will be “a unique business proposal inside the automotive field, inside the field of racing production, in changing the design concepts”, taking also into account environmental concerns.

The head of Anand Mahindra group was one of the largest clients of Pininfarina by acquisitions along with will continue to be. He described the design as “critical for the industry,” along with added which he hoped there Pininfarina on board could create a better design across the brand.


Mahindra said the company show its ability to provide a variety of engines, along with describing him as “Pininfarina will be famous brand” along with said “very skeptical”, along with the concept of H2 sited as an example of the speed of its approach along with broad.

. “Mahindra already doing cash design along with engineering work for manufacturers. We want to provide” art to part “service, we can give auto makers Pininfarina design as a starting point. which’s disruptive proposal.”

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Source: Pininfarina plots sports EV

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