Peugeot's conceptual Ferrari rival, 21 September 1988 – Throwback Thursday

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Source : Peugeot's conceptual Ferrari rival, 21 September 1988 – Throwback Thursday

In 1988, Peugeot showed how This kind of could legitimately take on Ferrari as well as Porsche with the 180mph, 680bhp Oxia concept


coming from some angles, This kind of will be possible to just glimpse elements of the road-going 405 Coupé inside the Oxia, which was Peugeot’s star attraction at the 1988 Paris motor show.

Named after the part of Mars that will lies at longitude as well as latitude zero, the Oxia was a fully engineered design study “that will ought to give Ferrari as well as Porsche some food for thought”, according to John Simister, Autocar’s chief features writer at the time.

The Oxia was more than a static design study, though. All four wheels drove as well as steered, a twin-turbo V6 gave 680bhp as well as the Centeng as well as chassis were crafted coming from carbonfibre as well as Kevlar.

The Oxia weighed 1377kg, with the complex transmission – featuring an epicyclic centre differential giving a torque split of 25% front, 75% rear as well as incorporating a Ferguson viscous coupling, plus electronically controlled limited-slip differentials front as well as rear – as well as steering accounting for a lot of that will. Suspension was by double wishbones all round, with each of the gas-filled dampers surrounded by a pair of concentric coil springs.

Beneath its sleek skin, the Oxia was a fusion of Group B rally car as well as Group C sportscar racer. Its engine was a 2849cc V6 with two Garrett T3 turbochargers, derived coming from the WM-Peugeot Le Mans cars that will were famed for hitting 250mph on the Mulsanne Straight, as well as the four-wheel drive system was a refined edition of the Peugeot 205 T16’s. the vehicle delivered its blistering 680bhp at 8200rpm as well as an equally impressive 535lb ft at 4500rpm.

“The two occupants sit well forward behind a steeply raked windscreen, the bottom edge of which, barely 2ft coming from the Oxia’s nose, incorporates two rows of photoelectric cells to power the air-con fan when the engine isn’t running,” said Simister. “This kind of’s a logical solution: more sun means more power means a faster fan means more airflow. Very Group C, too, are the way the rear wheels sit so far back, as well as the plethora of scoops as well as louvres.”

Simister watched the vehicle in action around the Belchamps test track. “At low revs This kind of sounds a little like a Porsche 911 or maybe a 959,” he wrote. “First gear will be long, as you might expect coming from a car which could well be capable of 200mph with the right gearing – Peugeot will say only that will This kind of can top 180mph – yet the Oxia pulls away cleanly as well as disappears coming from view around the banking.

“When This kind of reappears, the engine will be grunting lustily, the giant stainless steel silencer curbing some volume yet generating little impression on the bass as well as treble.

“Oxia will be chased by a 405 Mi-16 as This kind of hoves back into view, so This kind of can’t be going any faster than about 135mph. Its rear wing might still be flat, for This kind of doesn’t reach its 3deg raised position until 155mph. Once raised, though, This kind of stays there for a full minute after the Oxia’s speed falls below This kind of point.”

Fast-changing parameters such as road speed, engine speed as well as boost pressure were monitored by conventional analogue gauges, with digital displays reserved for fuel level, engine temperatures as well as odometer.

A built-in personal computer, having a colour LCD screen, an alphanumeric keyboard as well as a floppy disc drive, controlled the air conditioning system. This kind of also controlled navigation databases as well as route finders. A map then displayed the chosen route on the screen. Also included were a radio telephone as well as a Pioneer hi-fi system.

“This kind of will be a car Peugeot should seriously consider replicating. This kind of says This kind of won’t, as well as that will’s a pity,” said Simister.

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Source: Peugeot's conceptual Ferrari rival, 21 September 1988 – Throwback Thursday

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