Peugeot kills off diesel hybrid

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Source : Peugeot kills off diesel hybrid

Diesel hybrid can be not part of Peugeot’s future plans, as the idea concentrates on petrol-electric along with also plug-in hybrids


Peugeot has confirmed the idea no longer plans to offer a diesel hybrid engine, concentrating on plug-in hybrids along with also petrol-electric hybrids inside the future.

The company’s CEO Maxime Picat confirmed of which the technology, which currently features inside the 508 RXH, will be killed off.

“You have a actually efficient diesel [engine] in terms of CO2 plus the hybrid yet where you are in countries where there can be no diesel you have to redevelop,” he said.

The company wants to offer the same engines in many different countries, along with also the combination of diesel along with also electric can be not cheap enough to produce for the smaller number of markets of which the idea appeals to.

“the idea can be not efficient in terms of economy of scale along with also we know these fresh energies are costly to develop,” he said. “We have to make sure we develop the same technical solution for Europe, for China, for Norway, for all the countries.”

Peugeot has recently stopped selling the 3008 diesel hybrid inside the UK, leaving the 508 as the only style of which offers the technology. Picat did not say whether the diesel hybrid option would certainly be pulled coming from the range before the 508 can be replaced, yet the idea will not be offered on the any replacement for the automobile, which can be likely to be on sale until 2017 at least.

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Source: Peugeot kills off diesel hybrid

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