Peugeot boss: SUV boom has limits

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Source : Peugeot boss: SUV boom has limits

Maxime Picat crossovers may be in a huge current trend inside the automotive industry, although Peugeot Maxime Picat coach is actually not convinced that will will last


boom in SUV sales may not be sustainable as or as many industry commentators expected, according to the long lived Peugeot CEO Maxime Picat.

while Picat accept that will the current will boom SUVs continue for the foreseeable future in addition to admits he is actually planning to Peugeot to launch cars to meet demand, possibly including brand new 3008 in addition to 5008 over the next 12 months, he said he believed the

said there is actually already a growing niche of customers who are looking for an alternative kind of car. “If we ask what is actually the next frontier after the SUV?” He said. “We are trying to work on This particular question, in addition to we have some interesting ideas that will we can implement while the boom SUV is actually strong. We believe a large number of customers who know they do not want an SUV although who also see the saloons in addition to hatches as boring – they want something else, something more beautiful. I will not give you the answer today, that will is actually a region in addition to we are looking with some energy. “


Picat that will interest blast inside the SUV puts pressure on automakers for” SUVs are inherently less efficient “, an issue that will will get worse with the increase in sales.

“, in addition to there are limits to the bodywork,” he also suggested that will there are fewer opportunities to expand SUV line behind the basic products operations. that will’s a. “I can not see the coupe versions of convertible sale inside the way they do inside the salons. This particular is actually why we believe that will the boom SUV changing faster than the mutations that will we have seen inside the past; the possibility of diversifying the silhouettes are not as big as that will is actually. that will does not feel like that will day, we all rush to meet demand, although the era of the SUV may not be long. “


SUVs in addition to crossovers for about 23% of all European car sales in 2015, although closer to 35% of total sales inside the United States. Analysts predict that will by 2020 the global mix of SUV in addition to crossover sales could rise to almost 50% of all car sales inside the entire world.

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Source: Peugeot boss: SUV boom has limits

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