Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: versatile hot hatch

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Source : Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: versatile hot hatch

Peugeot 308 GTi with 266bhp under its belt, as well as can be collected 308 pack a punch, nevertheless comfortable in all parts of the city also


my Peugeot 308 shined reached two months ago, as well as we are working on already developed quite a bond limit.

behind the wheel, has more than proved itself as a daily driver. the idea’s quite demure in all parts of the city, in spite of his hot hatch. nevertheless I can not deny in which having a 266bhp on tap the idea will be useful. Turbo spools quickly to promote you’re away via the spotlight with aggressive always brand new surprises due to This specific car.

A recent example comes courtesy of airport parking driver who, after handing me a car, eloquently volunteered: “the idea’s fast, does not the idea?” This specific will be not the most reassuring thing to hear, nevertheless there’s no doubt he’s right. Not only do they get out of the deadlock quickly, nevertheless which has a constant torque throughout the range, you can also be forgiven for thinking there was a much larger engine via the 1.6-liter, which will be under the hood. Hand a box of six-speed “will be also Great, even if the idea lacks precision as well as crispness in which gets at something sweeter as well as more delicate, such as Mazda MX-5 .

at cruising speeds, the idea shined more comfortable , although the wheels of those 19in “Carbon” as well as wide tires creates quite rumble on the highway. the idea may seem more obvious because 308 lulls you into a general sense of ease, which will be easy to forget you’re in hatchback at high speed.

there will be little else to report via the front driving impressions, nevertheless so far has been 308 impressed inside handling department as well as show little Centeng roll as well as great grip in tight corners. the idea seems Peugeot Sport was able to remove most of the Centeng movement in corners as well as over bumps without ride feel harsh.

inside, the cabin seemed a little sedate for a fast style of the 308, nevertheless boringness the idea will be also the charm. This specific car will be reduced as well as high greatly in quality, as well as provide great performance without having to scream about the idea in his appearance.

the idea’s a similar story out. We chose a dark gray paint, “Hurricane,” which gets the red trim on the lower front grille, as well as everything looks tidy enough. the idea lacks also “look at me” mentality, he says, coupe option Franch, which will be cool, without a doubt, nevertheless little inside face of daily YER for my car.

As I mentioned in my first report, Peugeot was a dramatic step up in terms of appearance as well as internal quality 308 access welcome to. I did what you do many manufacturers savvy as well as ensure all the material point of contact will be of Great quality. nevertheless a closer look as well as more plastic in those places hidden away did not fare so well. Then there will be information as well as entertainment system, almost all controlled through the touch screen. Here begins the irritation: a reaction to his touch delay, as well as work on how to program the radio stations far via intuitive. I pay enough cars to consider in which if you can not operate the idea without a guide, the idea’s not as easy as the idea should be for one.

cost £ 28 455 cost as tested £ 28 695 Economics 34.8mpg errors No E xpenses [19459011noone the last 05/04/16

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Source: Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: versatile hot hatch

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