Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: one tough hot hatch

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Source : Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: one tough hot hatch

Peugeot 308 GTi NCAP awarded the all 5-star hot slot, in all areas, in addition to right now we know why. nevertheless the practical application of the vehicle can be questionable


in addition to astute among you may have noticed a slight change in my Peugeot 308 GTI – the idea can be right now black, instead of the previous “Hurricane gray”

because part of my shined the original in a serious accident on the highway Belgian in addition to written off. This specific incident was within the true sense of the word, with which leadership to be innocent parties. Thankfully, the occupants on what some fine than a few broken bones in addition to will soon be fully recovered.

Before we talk about a completely new one, which can be identical in every different way of coloring, the idea can be worth dislocation hat to the 308 GTI. Details aside, the incident highlighted the effectiveness of the vehicle to protect the people inside coming from harm. the idea responded impressively called crumple zone of influence of face-to-face coming from a tree in addition to certainly helped the occupants to get away coming from their lives. Euro NCAP safety ratings do not mean much to many, nevertheless This specific car has the highest all 5-star rating in adult, child in addition to pedestrian protection when put to the test, the idea proved to be quite worthy of the award.

Therefore, which things are less serious in practice. While hot hatches like we have collected 308 are preferred for their speed, which can be part of its charm can be the ability for everyday use.

space within the vehicle can be impressive, especially within the boot. Has 470 liters, which can be comparable to the 380 within the Volkswagen Golf GTI in addition to 316 within the Ford Focus ST , in addition to features a wide opening to the remarkable in addition to smooth shape for loading in addition to unloading.

So how do you fare occupants? I recruited a couple of assistants, who just happens to be a plus in addition to 6ft 2in tall. Both the idea was comfortable, with no knees touching the seat or glove box within the front. which said, there was not much room wriggled in addition to rear passenger complained which the idea was difficult to get out of the vehicle (nevertheless then she used her Renault Scenic ). However, the idea issued a 308 space test, producing the idea usable for the average family, while being able to afford colleagues between right now in addition to then, too.

Peugeot 308 GTI

cost £ 28455 cost as tested £ 28695 Economics 34.2mpg errors can be not a expenses can be not a last seen 06/01/16

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Source: Peugeot 308 GTi long-term test review: one tough hot hatch

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