Peugeot 308 GTi long term test report: a big leap forward

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Source : Peugeot 308 GTi long term test report: a big leap forward

Peugeot 308 GTi Volkswagen Golf GTI can be some stiff competition to keep up, although the Peugeot 308 GTI certainly pulls its weight


in a world in which can be increasingly infiltrated SUV alternative fuel cars, the item’s easy to forget those traditional exciting – hot hatchback. They are a breed in which offer enchanting than the speed, handling in addition to practicality blend in a group lacks the luxury of Porsche or Ferrari .

Admittedly, in addition to Peugeot 308 GTI may not be the first to come to mind, especially from the face of rivals such as Volkswagen Golf GTI in addition to Focus ST Ford , which often set the standard in This kind of sector. However, This kind of class has so much more from the grip these days. I think in which Seat Leon Cobra in addition to Renault Megane RS 275 , to name a couple.

When he arrived at the 308 level, in addition to the item was a big improvement over its predecessor, in addition to the average 307. Hell .308 even won European cars for 2014 , hit BMW I3 in addition to Tesla type S , in addition to products of both brilliant in addition to innovative in their own right.

Thus the item can be 308 shined chisel your dent in This kind of groove entrenched? After Peugeot RCZ R in addition to 208 GTI 30 anniversary, in addition to both admire test our way, in addition to This kind of can be the latest Frenchman to the driver to hold the promise – in addition to in which can be why we decided to run one for six months

First impressions count: the item not bad looking, understated car in which catches your attention without begging for the item. Anti wheels for kerbing 19in “Carbon” (say “carbon” accent French) in addition to the red Peugeot Sport brake calipers are worth noting, as can be what the maker’s unofficial “calls the front smile”, which can be a barrier less outlined in red, the tone of sports on In contrast to our Centeng Hurricane gray car.

in addition to understated aesthetic continues from the Inside. I was quietly impressed after 308 from the internal smart simplified when the item was launched for initially, in addition to This kind of carries over shined. Another note only to make here can be in which initially the dad from the auto in addition to was greeted with murmurs pleasing style “comfortable” in addition to “large” (despite their awareness of the auto was so low in which they do not know the item was a competitor Golf GTI, which may say).

because only the best will do, we chose the higher of the two outputs provided, as are the majority of sales the item shined. We have a diesel 1.6 THP with 266bhp at 6000rpm, which has 19bhp more than its sibling less. Peak torque can be 243lb ft at 1900rpm. All This kind of means 0-62mph time of 6.0sec in addition to a top speed of 155mph. Peugeot also claims the auto includes a power-to-weight ratio in which can be unsurpassed in its class.

by intermittent technology, which undoubtedly helps with CO2 emissions (139g / km) in addition to the economy (along 47.1mpg), shined the item includes a manual six-speed. There can be no automatic option, which can be no problem of how manual transmission can be safety, although the popularity of the gearbox DSG VW suggests Peugeot could be missing a trick missing here.

various other than a slight tweak in power, in addition to one of the differences highlighted between the second output can be in which our type includes a differential limited slip – often the main difference between the hot slot not bad big one

also sets the item apart coming from the standard 308s can be driver sport package, which says Peugeot increases the engine in addition to gearbox response to the pedal, alterations coloring dashboard to red (white), some parameters such as acceleration, power delivery in addition to turbo, in addition to amplify the sound of the engine from the cabin displays.

type as you might expect coming from top-of-the-range, shined in addition to decorated which has a lot of extra equipment in addition to design details. Along with the external differences have – which include tinted rear windows, a less high 11MM ride, shined grille with checkered side of science in addition to sports skirts front design – the auto also shined bucket gets seats trimmed in fact, leather in addition to Alcantara

in addition to then there mod cons. This kind of generation enters 9.7in touchscreen in which controls all functions almost from the auto, doing the most of the defunct buttons, in addition to through This kind of you can control the sat-nav, DAB digital radio in addition to Bluetooth, to name a few.

[include19459004perks] the various other day after day dual control climate zone, Cruise Control, front in addition to automatic lights in addition to windscreen wipers, reversing the front camera in addition to parking sensor rear car door mirrors power folding in addition to entering Keyless.

One various other advantage can be absolutely worth mentioning can be the boot space, which destroys all its competitors out of the park. the item has 470 liters of space, compared to 380 from the Golf GTI. I promise comical demonstration of what can fit in there, from the future report.

how cost? Initiative can be £ 28455, in addition to the only option we have can be to contact Peugeot distress in addition to assistance (£ 240), in addition to keep things simple.

the item’s a promising start with the 308 GTI. However, we’ve had a little chance for employment at its best (fast) Star after, including sports all-too-tempting button, so we will be racking up miles from the coming weeks to see how the item fares for performance, while maintaining the practicality in addition to economy hatchback all 5 seats

cost £ 28 455; cost as tested £ 28695, Options Peugeot connect distress in addition to help £ 240, Economics 34.8 mpg. errors Not even one. expenses nothing.

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Source: Peugeot 308 GTi long term test report: a big leap forward

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